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Aviator Best Times to Play – Timesheet & Tips

The Aviator game is an exciting online cash-out gambling game available at various casino sites in South Africa. Players bet on how long they think a plane will fly before it crashes, with the potential to win big if they cash out up to R3 Million if they hang on to cash out at the right moment. Given the nature of this game, timing and strategic decision-making are crucial. To assist you in managing your game sessions for maximum benefit, we have created a Aviator timesheet, for the best times to play and chase those big wins.

Aviator Best Times to Play – Timesheet

This Aviator timesheet list contains fifty different times throughout the day, ten of which have been identified as potentially optimal times for gameplay – where you might have better focus, or when player traffic might be lower, increasing your chances to win big. The ‘best times’ are highlighted in bold. To follow the best times simply start playing at one of the times listed.

  1. 00:05
  2. 00:30
  3. 01:15
  4. 01:45
  5. 02:00
  6. 02:35
  7. 03:10
  8. 03:55
  9. 04:30
  10. 05:10
  11. 05:45
  12. 06:20
  13. 06:55
  14. 07:30
  15. 08:05
  16. 08:40
  17. 09:15
  18. 09:50
  19. 10:30
  20. 11:05
  21. 11:40
  22. 12:15
  23. 12:55
  24. 13:25
  25. 14:00
  26. 14:35
  27. 15:10
  28. 15:50
  29. 16:25
  30. 17:00
  31. 17:35
  32. 18:10
  33. 18:50
  34. 19:25
  35. 20:00
  36. 20:40
  37. 21:15
  38. 21:50
  39. 22:20
  40. 22:55
  41. 23:30
  42. 23:59
  43. 23:45
  44. 19:35
  45. 15:45
  46. 11:25
  47. 07:15
  48. 03:25
  49. 22:10
  50. 06:05

Remember, your Aviator account balance, the betting site you are on and focus levels can play a role in your chances of picking up a big win. Hence, while these suggested times might be a good starting point, it’s essential to find a pattern that works best for your personal play style.

Aviator tips and strategies

In addition to knowing the Aviator timesheet for the best times to play which we explained earlier, here are some more Aviator tips and strategies we want to share with you:

Don’t be too greedy

Waiting for the plane to fly higher could mean more winnings, but this strategy is also riskier if it happens to disappear. We recommend securing smaller, frequent wins instead of going all out for a big win and potentially losing everything.

Place two bets at once

Using a double bet strategy allows for more winning opportunities in a single round. Try placing one bet that covers the stake of your second bet. Set Auto Cash Out for your first bet at low odds (e.g. 2.00x) and the second one at higher odds (10.00x). If the riskier bet loses, you may still recover your loss with the low-odds bet, or vice versa.

Bet big and Cash Out fast

Another good Aviator tip is to bet big and cash out on a small multiplier to reduce your risk. This works because the further the plane goes, the higher the chance of it flying away, which is minimised when you Cash Out faster. The drawback to this Aviator strategy is that you need to increase your bet amount to get a decent potential payout from small multipliers.

Where to play the Aviator

The best sites to play the Aviator are Hollywoodbets and Betway. The Betway Aviator has a advantage as you can use the Betway first deposit bonus to double up your deposit, giving you more to play the Aviator game with. They also have a max win of up to R3 Million, bigger than any other Aviator site. Click here to sign up with Betway. If you’d like to know more about the Aviator game and how it works then have a read through our Aviator review. Happy betting!

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