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    Aviator Biggest Payouts in South Africa & Best Sites to Play

    The Aviator betting game is rapidly gaining traction in the South African betting scene. Many bookmakers and betting sites have made the game even more enticing by upping the stakes with massive payouts and max wins. Here’s a comprehensive look at the five leading betting sites boasting the biggest Aviator payouts. All of the betting sites mentioned are licensed and safe to bet with, and we’ll be giving our recommendation on the best to use at the end of the article.

    Betting Sites with the Largest Aviator Payouts and Max Wins

    Spribe’s Aviator crash game is widely available across several betting and casino platforms in South Africa. However, the potential winnings can vary significantly. Let’s delve into the details of the top five bookmakers offering the highest maximum payouts:

    1) 10bet: The Peak of Aviator Payouts

    • Max Payout: R15 Million per bet, potentially R30 million with a 2-bet strategy.
    • Highlights: Recently, 10bet.co.za upped its Aviator game by increasing its max payout to R15 million. With the potential of placing two bets simultaneously, punters have the opportunity to clinch a colossal R30 million payout. This makes 10bet the most lucrative platform for Aviator bets currently. Betting on the Aviator on 10Bet starts from as little as R1 a bet.
    • Click here to visit 10Bet or read our 10Bet Aviator guide.

    2) Hollywoodbets: A Trendsetter in Aviator Payouts

    • Max Payout: R10 Million per bet, potentially R20 Million with a 2-bet strategy.
    • Highlights: Hollywoodbets led the way by being one of the first to offer a R10 million max payout per Aviator bet. They’re also often increasing their Aviator max win, so we’re sure it will be competing with the likes of 10Bet soon.
    • Click here to visit Hollywoodbets or check out our Hollywoodbets Aviator guide.

    3) Supabets: The Late Bloomer

    • Max Payout: R10 Million per bet, potentially R20 Million per betting round.
    • Highlights: Though late to the Aviator scene, Supabets quickly matched its competitors with a R10 million max payout. They also offer promotions such as the Aviator Wings of Fortune Rain where you can get lucky drops while playing the Aviator game at certain times.
    • Click here to visit Supabets

    4) WSB (World Sports Betting)

    • Max Payout: R10 Million per bet, with a potential R20 Million max per flight.
    • Highlights: WSB are known for offering huge payouts on a variety of slots and casino games, and their Aviator payouts and max wins are no different. They don’t have a great site to play the Aviator on though, so we recommend rather using another betting site from this list.
    • Click here to visit WSB.

    5) Betway SA: The Dark Horse

    • Max Payout: R3 Million
    • Highlights: While their R3 Million max payout might seem modest compared to the giants, two players recently hit this max on their bets, proving that sizable wins are possible. Betting on the Aviator on Betway starts at R1 a bet, and it’s one of the best overall betting sites in South Africa, a must for Aviator players!
    • Click here to visit Betway or read our Betway Aviator Guide.

    Why Aviator Payout Limits and Max Wins Matter

    Aviator’s payout limit is a pivotal factor that betting sites have control over, and this can greatly influence a player’s potential earnings. All bookmakers offer a starting bet of R1, but the maximum bets and payouts can differ dramatically. This means the same bet amount can yield entirely different returns across platforms, making it crucial for players to choose the most rewarding sites if you are chasing that big Aviator win. Besides the payouts, players should also factor in special rewards and promotions, with many betting sites introducing exceptional Aviator promotions such as the Aviator Rain feature. Another factor to consider is how well the game runs on the site, and for this reason the best sites to play the Aviator on are Hollywoodbets and Betway.

    Ready to Fly?

    In essence, while all betting sites offer the thrilling Aviator game, some are more rewarding than others. Make an informed choice and you could be the next big Aviator millionaire! If you’d like to know more about the Aviator game then check out our Aviator game guide, we’ve also posted several Aviator tips and strategies that you can employ when chasing a big win.

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