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    Aviator Strategy & Tips PDF Download

    The Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets has been a huge hit with South African gamblers, and there have been many big wins from those who know how to play the game. There are several Aviator strategy and tips PDF’s floating around the internet for the game, and while these are free there are some who choose to charge people for the PDF! On The Gambler we’ve posted the full Aviator PDF’s for free download, so that you can enjoy reading about the different tips and strategies in your own time. Below you’ll find a download link for the most popular Aviator PDFs, which you can download for free. We’ve also posted the contents of the PDF for those who can’t be bothered to download it.


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    Aviator Features

    • Max Win R5 Million
    • Exciting and fun
    • Fast rounds and Auto Cash Out
    • Cash out at anytime
    • Bet from as little as R1
    • Author : The Gambler

    Aviator Basics

    • Game Type : Virtual Game
    • Software : Spribe

    Download the Aviator PDFs

    Aviator Tips

    Aviator Strategy and Tips The aviator casino game makes money by taking your deposit when the plane flies away before you cash out. The game is all about testing 3 things, Greed, Patience, Endurance. I decided to make this pdf strategy as short and concise as possible since no one likes reading through a bunch of information and want to get straight to the point. This strategy involves two things: Risk management and the correct times to place bets and maximize wins.

    The time strategy After I started doing research about the game, I started noticing that the high multipliers, which most people refer to as Pinks, only come at certain times in an hour. Every time you see a pink or multiplier that’s 10x or bigger, there is an extremely high chance that there will be another one in 4 to 5 minutes after the first one. Every time you see a 10x or higher always bet after 4 to 5 minutes after. If there is no pink within 2 minutes stop betting as that would mean the pink might not come. The reason you need to stop betting after the 2 minutes if nothing, is to control yourself from overbetting and losing a lot of money betting in hope.

    Aviator Strategy

    Example of the strategy: If there is a multiplier of 10x or more at 7:12 calculate 4 to 5 minutes from when it happened. This means the next pink would be at 7: 17. meaning we start betting from 7:16 until 7:18 which is the 2 minutes in between as the pink can come anytime from 7:16 up until 7: 18. If the time hits 7:18 and there is no pink stop betting and wait for another pink to come then you calculate 4 to 5 minutes from the pink.

    This pattern will keep repeating over and over again. If you don’t see any pinks stay out and only bet again once you start seeing pinks and follow the strategy. Tip: Always target at least 10x if you want to be safe and grow your account and after you have grown it you can hold longer and target higher multipliers. Also check if there has been a multiplier bigger than 100x in the hour you are playing in as most of the time, once there is one big multiplier in an hour there might not be another one bigger than that. Risk management strategy/ The 2:1 strategy This has helped me not blow my account but it’s up to you if you want to use it or not.

    This is a strategy you can use when placing bets in conjunction with the time strategy so that when you bet and the plane flies away before you cash out you don’t lose the money you placed the bet with. This strategy requires you to place 2 bets at once, as an example, I place a bet for R10 and the second for R20. The aim is for the larger bet to cover the small bet in case the plane flies away after 1.5x. The small bet is there to make all the profit while having zero risk. As soon as you hit a multiplier of 1.5x on the R20 bet you cash-out therefore receiving R30 which will cover the R10 and R20 bet you used. This will give you an opportunity to let the R10 bet run and not be scared to cash-out at a high multiple because you won’t be risking anything.

    For example, if you reach a multiplier of 20x with the R10 bet, you will make R200 plus the R30 you make from the R20 that you auto cash-out at 1.5x, bringing your total to R230 for the round. The importance of this strategy is just to cover yourself of loses in case when you place your bet it doesn’t go past a multiplier of 1.5x so you don’t lose anything and try again. Things to remember The game works in rounds and every hour is a new and different round filled with new opportunities.

    If the last hour was bad, wait for the next as it might be better. Every round/hour has at least 1 big multiplier which is most of the time above 100x Never risk any amount that you’re not scared to lose and always focus on building your account first and then betting high. If you see the pattern making a sequence or seed of a lot 1x multipliers, that’s usually a sign that there is going to be a very big multiplier. Sometimes it can also be a sign that the round is slowing down and its time to stop betting and not get trapped. Every day there will be a round/hour with a multiplier that will reach 1000x and above at least 2 times in the day so always keep an eye on that.

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