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    Betway Aviator Game Guide & Review

    Now that you can finally play Aviator on the leading South African online gambling platforms like Betway without a fuss, there’s one last thing you probably need to know. And that one thing is what online gaming experts think about the entire game as well as how it works on Betway. Perhaps you need to know whether it is simple, how you can place a bet, and the easiest way of cashing out your funds before the plane crashes. Let’s get into our Betway Aviator Guide.

    Playing Aviator Game on Betway

    To say that Aviator is one adrenaline-drawing piece of game that no other game can match may not paint a more profound picture of it. Yes, its gameplay is super-exciting, perhaps even more sensational than any other game. It is that one game that would keep you at the edge of your seat as your heart pumps all through.

    Yet, this Aviator game is so easy to win money or lose. And not just money, but BIG money! Play conservatively as you limit your greed and you could scoop a whopping 20000x your stake up to a maximum of R3 million. If you don’t limit your greed and the plane flies away, it will go with your entire fortune. And so, the main aim of playing the Aviator game on Betway is simple – make your money and cash it out before the plane disappears.


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    Betway Info

    • Betting Sites: Betway
    • Website: www.betway.co.za
    • Country: South Africa
    • Minimum Deposit: R10
    • Deposit Bonus: R2000
    • Author: The Gambler

    Sign up to play Aviator on Betway South Africa

    To play Aviator in South Africa, you can sign up with Betway. There are other options, but Betway is arguably the only notable betting website offering this game at the moment. Besides, if you register with Betway, R1000 Sports Bonus or R2000 Casino Bonus (Use Code GMB) will be on your way.

    1. First, sign up with Betway so that you can use your account to play Aviator.
    2. After you’ve logged into your account, head to the Casino Games section and click the Aviator icon.
    3. Launch the game and enjoy the thrill.
    4. You must enter your stake of at least R1 before the “Waiting for Next Round” timer runs out.
    5. Betway allows you to place a double bet. So, be fast as you stake on the 2nd bet lest the timer again runs out.
    6. Next, sit and watch as the action goes down. Seeing the plane rise is exciting, but don’t forget the magic tab; Cash Out!

    Why play on Betway

    Do you love generous betting bonuses?

    Betway adds some juice to the entire gaming experience. First, there’s a 100% Sports Free Bet or Casino Games Bonus for you to run away with. That means you could get a massive head start if you choose to play Aviator on Betway instead of any other betting site. Up to R1000 Sports Bonus or R2000 Casino Bonus (Use Code BGSA) worth of free bet on your first deposit is quite a nice package to get you ahead of the rest.

    You deserve a smooth gaming interface

    You’ve to choose Betway since the gaming interface is optimized for all types of devices – both Android and iOS gadgets and the typical PCs. And so, while you will opt for one of the leading bookmakers whose game library is incredibly vast with a wonderful list of sports and games, you also won’t go wrong choosing Aviator on Betway.

    You will cash out easily!

    Yes, you will hit the ‘Cash Out’ button on Betway with ease. No point in losing your entire stake playing Aviator on Betway when Betway can do the cash out on your behalf. And it’s easy; set your desired odds and let the game do the cashout once it attains the odds.

    How Aviator game works on Betway

    Much like it is on other betting platforms, the Aviator gameplay on Betway is exciting. You bet on the heights that the plane will hit on the sky – the highest it will go before it flies off the screen. That simply means if you want more money, you will pick the highest, safest height. Of course, that is something worth drawing your adrenaline.

    Still, you can’t just bet and wait for the funds to come to you. After placing the bet, the real tactic of cashing out the highest winning, right before the bet is lost begins. Betway will allow you to cash out your winnings before the plane gets out of sight. And that is equally a simple trick and a risky one.

    At the beginning of the round, the decimal odds will show 1.00. The numbers will gradually increase as the game gathers pace. If you get your timings right and cash out well ahead of time, your bet will be multiplied by the odds you attained. And it could go up to 1700x or even more!

    That’s not all!

    How the odds go up is quite fascinating. First, it is 1.00, before it shoots a bit. In a split-second, you will see the plane taking for the skies in full speed, as the odds increase. You will not guess when it will disappear and that could mark the last time you will be seeing your funds.

    Remember, a round lasts about 10 seconds or less.

    Place two rounds of bets and pray that the gods of massive wins are on your side. If the timer always catches you before you are done placing the bets, don’t worry. Betway South Africa has the ‘Auto Bet’ feature that gets the hassle off your fingers.

    Activate ‘Auto Bet’ so that you can replicate your previous bet on each round. This feature automates everything and makes things a lot easier for you. The RTP of this game is about 96%, so don’t worry that you could lose your funds.

    Click here to Sign up with Betway South Africa to play Aviator now!

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