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    Play the Aviator game on Betway

    The Betway team is thrilled to announce the addition of Aviator to their casino gaming collection. This incredibly popular and unique cash-out game, developed by Spribe, is a social multiplayer experience that is sure to elevate your casino gaming experience. Aviator has become a fan favorite among players, so we are confident that it will be a hit among Betway casino users as well. Get ready for an exciting and innovative gaming experience with Aviator.

    What is the Aviator game?

    Aviator is a unique and exciting addition to the Betway casino gaming collection. Unlike traditional slot games, which rely on spinning reels, Aviator is a crash-style casino game that is easy to understand and enjoyable for players of all skill levels. In this game, a plane flies higher and higher, and the multiplier grows along an increasing curve. The goal is to cash out before the plane crashes, adding a thrilling element of chance and strategy to the gameplay. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced casino game fan, Aviator is sure to provide a fun and engaging gaming experience.

    How to play Aviator on Betway

    • To begin playing Aviator at Betway South Africa, open the game in the Casino Lobby.
    • Set your bet or stake at the bottom of the screen, the minimum bet on Betway Aviator is R1.
    • When the round starts, the plane will take off and the multiplier will begin to rise, and can rise up to a max of 20,000x your bet.
    • Keep an eye on the plane’s progress and be ready to cash out before it flies off the screen. If you cash out in time, you win your stake multiplied by the cash out multiplier.
    • If the plane flies away before you cash out, you will lose your stake.
    • Be sure to pay attention and act quickly to maximize your chances of winning with Aviator.

    Aviator Stats

    Before you take off with Aviator, be sure to check out the stats section for some helpful information. Here, you can view the results of previous games, including the multiplier amounts and the biggest wins over the past days, months, and year. This can give you an idea of what to expect and help you make informed betting decisions. In addition to looking at past results, you can also keep track of bets being placed in real-time for the current round. To see all of your betting information for the game, simply head to the “My Bets” area. By taking a few moments to review the available data, you can increase your chances of success with Aviator.

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    Use the Aviator Features to improve your chance of winning

    If you want to streamline your betting experience with Aviator, you can use the Auto Play and Auto Cash Out features in the betting panel. With Auto Play, you can set your stake amount and have your bet placed automatically for each round. Just keep in mind that you will still need to manually cash out, so be sure to keep an eye on the game. If you prefer to have the game handle your cash outs for you, you can use the Auto Cash Out feature. Simply select the multiplier amount you want to cash out on, and the game will automatically cash you out at that multiplier each time it is reached. These features can save you time and make it easier to focus on the game itself.

    The Gambler’s Verdict on Betway Aviator

    Betway Aviator is a unique and exciting addition to the Betway casino gaming collection. With its easy-to-understand gameplay and thrilling crash-style mechanics, a low starting bet amount of R1, it is a great option for players of all skill levels. In this game, you aim to cash out before the plane flies away, adding an element of strategy and chance to the gameplay. You can also use the Auto Play and Auto Cash Out features to streamline your betting experience. With its engaging gameplay and convenient features, Aviator is sure to provide a fun and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

    Betway Aviator

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    Betway Aviator Features

    • Play from R1 a bet
    • Win up to 20,000x your stake
    • Now available on Betway

    Betway Aviator Basics

    • Game Type : Cash Out Games
    • Software : Spribe

    • Visit Betway to play the Aviator game yourself, otherwise check out our Betway review for more on what they have to offer sports and casino players.
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