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    WSB Aviator Guide | How to Play SA’s favourite Crash Game Online

    Exciting news – punters in South Africa can now enjoy the exhilarating Aviator game on yet another online platform! This time it’s World Sports Betting that has integrated this thrilling crash game onto its site to complement its selection of Spina Wina Slots and Live Casino Games from Evolution, Ezugi and BetGames. That’s right, WSB Aviator is now a reality! Ready for takeoff? Explore our guide for everything you need to know about playing Aviator online in South Africa on betting sites like WSB and many more!

    WSB Aviator 

    With its origins in the world of video gaming, the Aviator game has now taken flight in online casinos across South Africa. And thanks to WSB Aviator, it’s reached even more casino players. But before you jet off to WSB, let’s take a closer look at why other platforms are well worth considering.

    With lots more games, offers and features available on sites like Hollywoodbets, Betway, and 10bet, playing on these sites will give you a smoother take-off and landing than anywhere else. But we’ll come back to that later. For now, buckle up as we take you on a tour of South Africa’s biggest crash game and what it’s all about. 

    WSB aviator

    How does the Aviator Game Work?

    The Aviator game is all about predicting how far a plane will fly before it disappears off the screen. The longer your plane stays in the sky without disappearing, the larger your potential rewards. Once the game starts, the odds of your bet multiplier start climbing slowly from 1.00x upwards, and then rapidly accelerate as the plane ascends. The objective of the game is to hit the Cash Out button before the plane flies away. You’ll be tempted to wait for higher odds before cashing out, but the imminent danger is the plane can fly off at any moment! You must try to time your “Cash Out” just right to ensure your bets don’t crash and burn!

    How to Play the Aviator Game on WSB

    Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned flyer looking to spread your wings, here’s a step-by-step guide to playing WSB Aviator in South Africa:

    1. Login to your WSB account and click on Aviator on the menu.
    2. Decide if you want to place one or two bets.
    3. Enter your stake (R1 – R2,000) in one or both bet panels.
    4. When the game starts, watch the win multiplier go up, which starts at 1.00x.
    5. Choose your moment to cash out and hit the button to multiply your stake by the visible odds.
    6. If you cashed out in time, your winnings are credited to your balance instantly. However, if the plane flies off, your bet is lost.

    Aviator Betting Options

    The Aviator game is fairly limited when it comes to betting options. The amount you bet is the only real decision you’ll need to make when playing. In the bet panel, you’ll either manually enter your stake or select from one of the preset options available. However, the option to place two bets simultaneously has some benefits in terms of implementing an Aviator strategy and optimising your winning chances.

    Aviator Game Features

    Here is where the Aviator betting options get interesting. In addition to choosing your bet amount, there are various Aviator game features available which can help take your Aviator strategy to the next level!

    • Auto Bet: Auto Bet places a bet on the next round without having to manually select the “Bet” button. However., you still have to watch the game to decide when you want to cash out. To access the Auto Bet feature, go to the bet panel and click to activate it from there.
    • Auto Cash Out: This feature lets you choose at which odds the game should automatically cash out for you. This way, you won’t have to be quick with your fingers and risk making a mistake by cashing out too early or too late! To access the Auto
      Cash Out feature, go to the bet panel and click to activate it from there.
    • Aviator Results: This is where you can keep an eye on the top wins from Aviator players worldwide and fine-tune your strategy based on the data displayed. The Aviator results panel displays the player name, bet amount, multiplier hit and
      the amount won to compare with your own results! 
    • In-Game Chat: Share your stories of big wins and near misses with fellow flyers in the in-game chat which is a constant flurry of excited activity.

    Aviator RTP

    Flying high at 97%, the RTP of Aviator soars above many other online casino games in South Africa, including some of the highest-paying slots! Having such a good return-to-player percentage means that you can play Aviator in South Africa knowing that’s a very fair and potentially lucrative game with the odds stacked more in your favour than many other titles. 

    How to Win the Aviator Game

    While there’s no magic formula, here are five Aviator cheats and strategies that can help elevate your gameplay and land you that next big win:

    1. Use our Aviator timesheet. Timing and strategic decision-making are crucial. To help you play at the most profitable times, we have created an Aviator timesheet showing the best times to play for those big wins!
    2. Use Auto Cash Out. It’s not easy hitting the Cash Out button exactly when you want to, and sometimes network delays and technical errors can happen. Auto Cash Out lets you choose a target multiplier and automatically cashes out your bet once you get there. This is by far the most precise and stress-free way to play the game! 
    3. Double down with two bets. Placing one bet for a small amount and another bet for a bigger amount can help decrease the game’s volatility. Similarly, using the Auto Cash Out feature to trigger at low odds on one bet and high odds on another bet can also make wins more predictable.
    4. Stake big and cash out fast. Increasing your bet size can be risky, but can lead to larger payouts with less risk if you use this Aviator strategy to cash out early.
    5. Dream big with high multipliers. Bet a small amount and wait for a long time to cash out. The odds are against you crashing your plane, but should you pull it off, you stand to win a big amount from a small bet. We try this strategy in the video below:

    Aviator Game Cheats

    Aviator game cheats are similar to Aviator strategies and they do not guarantee to win the game. The best Aviator cheat is simply to rely on your luck and try some of our tips for winning the Aviator game listed above. While there are no real Aviator cheats, you can win by aligning your strategy and instinct to help better navigate the skies of this epic game!

    Betway Aviator Game

    Though WSB Aviator is making waves in its own right, platforms like Betway have captured the attention of South Africans with Aviator for many years now. Betway’s easy-to-use interface makes playing Aviator a dream.

    Here’s how to find the Aviator game on Betway in South Africa:

    1. Visit and log in to Betway. Not registered yet? Sign up here.
    2. Select “Casino Games” or click the Aviator icon on the main menu. The Aviator game also appears under “Featured” Casino Games.
    3. Click on the Aviator icon to launch the game.
    4. Wait for the game screen to finish loading.

    Place your bets and good luck! Need help with your Aviator login? Get it here.

    Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets

    Hollywoodbets Aviator is another excellent choice if you want to play this crash game in South Africa with a max payout of R10 million! Aviator is available on both the Hollywoodbets desktop and mobile site. This game is available 24/7, requires almost no skill and uses very little data to play.

    Here’s how to find the Aviator game on Hollywoodbets in South Africa:

    1. Visit and log in to Hollywoodbets. Not registered yet? Sign up here.
    2. Click the Aviator button on the main menu to launch the game.
    3. You’ll be taken to the Aviator game lobby.
    4. Place your bets and good luck!

    Final Boarding Call for Aviator Players

    Despite WSB Aviator now being available, you’ll find a smoother ride and more rewards on platforms like Hollywoodbets, Betway and 10bet. We highly recommend playing Aviator on these sites for the best possible experience. Safe travels and may the odds always be in your favour!

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