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    First Person Mega Ball 100x Guide

    First Person Mega Ball 100x is the virtual version of the incredibly popular Mega Ball live game by Evolution. The average RTP of First Person Mega Ball is set to 95.40%, which leads to regular wins for players. The game has proven to be a hit with South African punters thanks to it’s huge payout potential and quick gameplay, and in this guide we are going to explain how to play First Person Mega Ball, as well what you need to pick up a big win.

    How to play First Person Mega Ball

    First Person Mega Ball is a bingo style game that is simple and easy to play. The object of the game is to get as many lines on your cards from the 20 out of 51 balls that are drawn from the Mega Ball drum. It’s unique feature is a bonus multiplier than ranges from 5x to 100x on the last ball, which is know as the Mega Ball. which can lead to some big wins.

    Each card you buy has a 5×5 set of  random numbers on it, which you can change by clicking on the refresh button. You win if numbers on the card match those drawn by the machine. You can connect the numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, and the maximum number of winning lines you can get per card is 12.

    To play the game you need to buy a card, which starts at minimum of R1 a card, and goes to a maximum of R1000 per card. You can buy up to 400 cards per draw, and the more cards you buy the better your chance is of connecting numbers and winning.

    Once you’ve selected the number of cards you want to play and the value of the cards you can hit the play button to start the game. The game will then draw a total of 20 balls. Once the last ball is drawn, an additional Mega Ball bonus round starts and a random multiplier for the last ball is applied, which is between 5x and 100x. Should the bonus ball complete a line of numbers then you will get the bonus multiplier applied to that card.

    The Double Mega Ball

    On rare occasions the double Mega Ball feature will activate, when this happens a second Mega Ball bonus round will take place with an additional multiplier and bonus ball being drawn. This gives punters a much higher chance of winning and completing lines, but as mentioned it only happens on rare occasions. In the image below you can see that there was a 10x bonus ball, followed by a double Mega Ball that had 50x.

    How to Win First Person Mega Ball

    There are no solid strategies that players can employ in order to win and it’s mostly due to luck of the draw (no pun intended). However to stand the best chance of winning you’ll want to play as many cards as you can. It’s better to play 10 low value cards than to play 1 high value card, so our advice is to play with at least 20 cards per round. This will give you a much better chance of winning.

    Where to play First Person Mega ball in South Africa

    Most tried and trusted South African betting sites will offer both the live Mega Ball game as well as First Person Mega Ball, including;

    The Gamblers Thoughts on First Person Mega Ball

    First Person Mega Ball is one of our favourite games at The Gambler. The game play is simple enough to understand after a few rounds, while the chances of a big win are pretty good. First Person Mega Ball also allows you to play at your own pace, and you can set the draw speed option in the setting to fast or slow. This is something that you don’t get in the live game, and allows you to go through lots of draws in a short space of time. We recommend First Person Mega Ball to fans of Betgames, Bingo and Lucky Numbers as it has a very wide appeal, and gets two thumbs up from The Gambler!

    First Person Mega Ball

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    First Person Mega Ball Features

    • Bonus Round Up To 100x
    • Bingo Style Game
    • Play At Your Own Pace

    First Person Mega Ball Basics

    • Game Type : Lucky Numbers, Virtual Game
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

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