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    How Betting Odds work in South Africa

    Placing a bet online can be quite intimidating especially if you are new to online betting and/or new to sports betting or horse racing. One of the most asked questions related to sports betting entails odds; What does it mean when someone gives you the odds? How do I read odds? How much can I win? Your winnings are determined by the odds of your bet, which effectively means how much money will you win in return for the money that you bet (placed/stake).

    Once you get the hang of it, understanding odds and how they work will be less intimidating, and you might be able to impress your mates with some sports betting jargon. A quick read through our guide and you will know exactly how much money you’ll get if your bet wins, as well as how to spot a favourite or an underdog by checking the odds on sports betting site. You’ll also be one of the very few that understand betting odds and how they work, which is no mean feat considering only a small percentage of the world population actually understand betting odds.

    Odds Explained

    So let’s take a Soccer/Football match as an example .
    Manchester United vs Liverpool
    Liverpool win 0.80
    Manchester United win 1.65
    Draw 30.00

    Liverpool are currently at the top of the table in the English Premier League and the next match against Manchester United is at home for Liverpool which gives Liverpool a home ground advantage, so they are favorites to win this match according to the bookmakers. Manchester United are outsiders / underdogs and there are even bigger odds on the draw.

    What do these numbers mean?

    The numbers highlighted in RED above are the odds which shows you the amount that you will receive in the event your bet was successful.  Your payout is determined by the odds number highlighted in RED too and the stake or placed bet amount.

    The calculation is as follow:
    Liverpool win 0.80
    (Odds (RED number) x Stake (Your Bet amount) +  Stake (Your Bet amount) = Payout
    If you put a stake on Liverpool to win with odds of 0.80 and your stake/bet amount was R100, you would receive 80c for every Rand bet in the event Liverpool won. This would give you a total of R180 or (0.80 X R100) = R80 + R100 (Stake) which equates to R180 won.

    Manchester United win 1.65
    In the event you bet on Manchester United to win and the result arrives you would get R165 for every R100 bet plus your original bet amount totaling R265. The reward here is good value and would be a good punt considering Manchester United’s recent form.

    That is really all there is to odds. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask in the Q & A section. We hope you have found this informative and not to difficult  to understand. You can register here at some of our Top Sites and take a look at some of our betting reviews where we highlight which bookmakers give away FREE Bets on Signup.

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