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    Spina Zonke Tips and Strategies

    Spina Zonke has fast become one of the most popular online slots games with Hollywoodbets punters, thanks to a wide variety of games, affordable minimum and maximum bets and some huge wins by a few lucky punters. But is it possible to beat the game using a strategy or tips? We’re not sure, but what we are sure about is that there are a few Spina Zonke tips and strategies to follow that will help improve your gameplay, which will hopefully improve your winnings! Let’s get into a few tips and tricks;

    There is no best time to play Spina Zonke

    One of the most common misconceptions about Spina Zonke is that there is a golden time of the day to play a certain game or games. For example one might have heard that Wild Trucks pays the best between 1am – 1.30am. This is simply not true, the games are virtual and time has nothing to do with your ability to win or lose. So rather play at a time when ever you feel comfortable playing, instead of waiting up until some crazy time in the morning! Unless it’s a Spina Zonke jackpot race, but we’ll touch on that later.

    The best Spina Zonke games are Hot Hot Fruit and Wealth Inn

    The best games for beginners to play are the two most popular Spina Zonke games; Hot Hot Fruit and Wealth Inn. They both offer a low starting point with betting from as little as 16c – 30c a spin, which gives you much more value for your balance than a few short spins on an expensive game like 5 Lucky Lions, which costs 88c a spin. You’ll also be able to engage more freely with other punters as Hot Hot Fruit and Wealth Inn are often discussed on social media. Lastly, both games are fairly simple to figure out, there are no complicated pay tables or features to keep track of and the symbols are easy to remember.

    Hot Hot Fruit

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    Hot Hot Fruit Features

    • 30c Min Bet
    • Free Spins and Features
    • Available on Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke
    • Author : The Gambler

    Hot Hot Fruit Basics

    • Game Type : Spina Zonke
    • Software : Habanero

    Play with money, not coins

    Keeping an eye on your balance is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a strategy to make money or win at Spina Zonke. There are 2 options to view or play your balance, coins and real money. Coins show a coin conversion of your balance, i.e R100 = 2500 coins, but this leads many players to think their balance is worth more than it actually is. Stick to playing with your real money balance as it’s much easier to keep track of how much you have left and how much each wins pays out. There’s nothing more frustrating than picking up a big 4000 coin win only to find it’s worth R10 in real money!

    Take advantage of the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke Jackpot race

    The Spina Zonke Jackpot race takes place every weekend on Hollywoodbets, with hundreds of thousands (some times millions) of rands up for grabs. All you need to do to enter is play Spina Zonke the Jackpot race, which is usually on a Wednesday or a Saturday. The reason we recommend playing during the Jackpot race is the Jackpot prize pool, which rewards 50 – 150 punters with free bets and cash, plus you also keep your winnings from the games you’ve played. It’s just like playing normal Spina Zonke, but with a free chance of winning a jackpot. Some of the biggest Spina Zonke jackpot winners have picked up anything from R1000 – R100,000.

    Stick to your budget

    It’s vitally important to stick to your betting budget when playing Spina Zonke, we all know the games can chow, and if they are chowing then it’s time to log out and cool off for a while. One of the worst things to do is to make another deposit to try win back the money you’ve lost, this is throwing away good money after bad and no self respecting punter should fall into this trap. The opposite is also true, if you find yourself up and showing a good profit then it’s time to log out or cash out. There’s no worse feeling than being up a few hundred rand and then giving it all back in a few greedy minutes.

    We hope you found our Spina Zonke tips and strategies useful, if you have any strategies you’d like to share then please post them in the comments below, we’d love to hear how other punters are doing with their Spina Zonke betting! Good luck, have fun out there and most importantly, gamble responsibly.

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