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Fake Hollywoodbets App – Be careful what you download

The first thing you should know is that Hollywoodbets doesn’t yet have a mobile app available. So any Hollywoodbets apps you see online are all fake and should not be downloaded under any circumstances!  Fake apps are on the rise in South Africa. Fraudsters use them to commit crimes such as to charge your credit card or steal personal information via your phone. Since Hollywoodbets launched their Data Free Site, the number of fake Hollywoodbets apps has skyrocketed on mobile app stores such as the Google Play Store, iOS Store and Huawei AppGallery. In sort, these Hollywoodbets app are fake and a scam! To prevent yourself from being a victim of cybercrime, this article explains how fake apps work and provides some helpful tips for how to protect yourself from the dangers of downloading a fake Hollywoodbets app. 

What are fake apps?

Fake apps are designed by fraudsters and scammers to look just like the ones from a legitimate company such as Hollywoodbets. Once downloaded and installed, these fake apps can be used for any number of criminal activities, such as installing malware on your device or stealing your personal information like your ID number or credit card details. Once found to be fraudulent, fake apps are usually removed from app stores like Google Play. But unfortunately, by then it’s often already too late as many people have downloaded the fake app and fallen prey to fraudsters.

How to spot a fake Hollywoodbets app

Depending on the skills of the developer and how well they are made, some fake Hollywoodbets apps are harder to identify than others. Look out for these red flags that can help you more easily spot a fake Hollywoodbets app and stay safe online:

  • What do the app reviews say? Go into the app store and look at the reviews written about the app before downloading it. Are users complaining about the functionality and quality of the app? If so, that’s a worrying sign and you should probably stay away. Also, if there are lots of overly positive reviews that sound robotic and repetitive, the site is likely buying reviews which is illegal. The bottom line is this – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Review the app’s data collection details. If you’ve already downloaded the app, before using it, take a good look at the types of data that the app collects. The Hollywoodbets app, for example, will never need access to your contacts list because there is no reason for capturing this kind of information. On your phone, go to “App Permissions” within the settings panel and ensure the app you downloaded is not trying to access anything suspicious. 
  • Spelling or grammatical mistakes. Most legitimate app publishers will hire a copywriter to ensure the text describing the app contains no spelling or grammatical errors. If the online description of the app contains obvious language errors, it’s almost certainly a fake and should be avoided at all costs!

Use the Hollywoodbets Data Free Site and App

While awaiting the launch of the upcoming Hollywoodbets app, we recommend using the Hollywoodbets Data Free Site. This free-to-use site works as seamlessly as any mobile betting app and is a great tool for making your predictions on Sports matches and Lucky Numbers without having to pay for your own data. The data free site is also downloadable as a Hollywoodbets app for those looking for an app experience, but this can only be done through the Hollywoodbets site.

When will the Hollywoodbets app be launched?

It’s coming soon! You’ll be the first to know when Hollywoodbets releases their full app, which you’ll hear about through their social media channels and blog. Until then, treat any Hollywoodbets apps you see online as fake and do not download or engage with them under any circumstances. The only Hollywoodbets App that is currently available is the Hollywoodbets Data Free App, which you have to download directly from the Hollywoodbets site. You can find out more on what Hollywoodbets have to offer in our detailed Hollywoodbets review. You can also reach out to their Customer Support team on 087 353 7634 or HWHelpline@hollywoodbets.net to report any instances of fake apps. We also recommend reporting these apps to the store where you found them.

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