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    10Bet Level Up Loyalty Rewards & Bonus Guide

    We’re excited to introduce 10bet South Africa’s newest feature, the Level Up loyalty programme, an excellent way to earn rewards while enjoying your favorite betting games. Few South African slots sites offer such a rewarding experience, making 10bet a standout choice. In this guide, we’ll be running through the benefits of the 10Bet Level Up rewards, as well as how they work.

    10bet’s Level-Up Loyalty Programme

    The Level-Up loyalty programme from 10bet turns every bet into an opportunity to earn. Each wager you place translates into reward points that can be used in our marketplace for a variety of exciting rewards. To determine how many points you can earn per game spin or sports wager, use the points calculator available in the 10bet Level Up section. In the marketplace, your earned points can be exchanged for a wide range of fantastic rewards.

    You can use your points to claim bonuses, free sports bets, free spins, and much more. From Levels 1 to 9, you can unlock free spins and bonuses, and at Level 10 VIP, your points can be traded for tech gadgets and travel rewards. 10bet offers a plethora of rewards to suit everyone’s tastes.

    As your loyalty points pile up, you level up. Climbing the ladder allows you to unlock mystery boxes filled with rewards. Each box has a countdown timer, and once it hits zero, you can collect your surprise. If you prefer, you can use your points to immediately open the mystery box.

    Joining 10Bet Level Up

    To join, you first need to have a valid 10bet ZA account. Once you’ve registered and logged in to 10bet, you can access your Level-Up loyalty dashboard. Here you’ll see your points tally and the marketplace, plus a detailed explanation of how the programme works. Remember, each bet earns you Level-Up points, so keep playing.

    Registering an account is easy:

    1. Go to 10bet.co.za and fill out the registration form.
    2. Choose your username and password, enter your mobile number and email address, accept the T&Cs, and click ‘continue’.
    3. Verify your account using the code sent to you.
    4. Complete the registration form with your personal details, including your first and last name and ID number.
    5. Log in with your chosen username and password.

    Earning Points

    Earning points is as easy as placing a bet or playing a game. The Level Up section has a handy calculator that tells you how many points you’ll earn for a given bet amount.

    Choose either the Sport or Games tab, enter your bet amount, and you’ll see a breakdown of the bet type and the loyalty points you’ll earn. If you choose the Games tab, it will list the game types and the loyalty points associated with each. Try games like Aviator, Spaceman, Gates of Olympus, Cash Ultimate, 777 Strike, or Cherry Pop for a fun experience.

    Marketplace Rewards

    The Level-Up rewards are too numerous to list here, but we’ll highlight a few. Levels 1-9 offer free spins and bonuses, while Level 10 VIP provides opportunities to purchase tech and travel. You can browse all rewards, free bets, free spins, game bonuses, and merchandise in the marketplace rewards section.

    For 3500 points, you can enjoy 40 Spins on Queen Of Ice, 17500 points can get you a R50 Free Bet, 175 000 points can give you a R500 Games Bonus, 3 000 000 points can get you Apple Airpods 2, and 10 500 000 points can secure you a R10 000 Flight Centre Voucher, among others.

    Join 10Bet to claim great rewards

    The 10Bet loyalty offering is a good one, and one of the best aspects about it is how transparent everything is. You know exactly what you need to do in order to unlock a reward. The one downside is that the rewards do require a lot of gameplay to unlock, which might make some of the better ones out of reach for the average slots player. If you’d like to know more about 10Bet then have look at our 10Bet review. You can also click here to visit the 10Bet site and check it out for yourself.

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    10Bet Level Up FAQ

    What are the steps to join Level-Up?

    Joining 10bet’s Level-Up loyalty rewards programme is straightforward. Simply register on the 10bet site, and start placing your bets across any of our diverse options. You’ll begin amassing loyalty points as soon as you start.

    How can I accumulate more points?

    Your journey of earning points begins with your first activity as a registered member of 10bet Level-Up. Points are allocated for every bet and multibet you place, making tracking your progress simple. You can use our Level-Up calculator to check how many points you earn for each specific bet type.

    What are the benefits of accumulating Level Up points?

    As a participant in the 10bet’s Level-Up loyalty programme, your points can be leveraged to multiply your rewards. Points are awarded for every play, be it sports betting or online gaming. These points can then be traded for various rewards in the marketplace, including Free Spins, Free Bets, Gaming Bonuses, and Sports Bonuses, effectively putting more money in your pocket!

    Can I earn Level Up points through Live Games?

    Yes, playing any of the games on the 10bet site will earn you Level-Up loyalty rewards points.

    Can I earn Level Up points via sports bets?

    Absolutely! You can accumulate Level-Up loyalty points across all sports events and leagues. Use our Level-Up calculator on this page to determine your points and enhance your gaming experience.

    How can I track my Level Up loyalty points?

    Our Level-Up calculator makes it convenient to track your points and maximize your rewards. Simply input your bet stake, and the calculator will display the equivalent points based on the type of bet.

    Can I earn Level Up loyalty points with bonus funds?

    Yes, bonus funds contribute to your Level-Up loyalty points accumulation, with the only exception being Free Spins, which do not earn you any loyalty points.

    Do Level Up points have an expiration date?

    Your Level-Up points will remain intact indefinitely, regardless of your activity or inactivity on your account.

    Can I convert Level Up points into cash?

    Level-Up loyalty points cannot be directly exchanged for cash. However, they can be converted into rewards like Gaming or Sports Bonuses, Free Spins, and Free Bets, which could potentially lead to cash prizes.

    Are there any wagering requirements for rewards?

    Each reward in the Marketplace comes with its own terms and conditions. Be sure to read the fine print before trading in your points.

    How do I receive physical merchandise or voucher prizes?

    Refer to the terms and conditions associated with each reward for information about redeeming your rewards. Notably, most physical merchandise or voucher prizes become available once you reach Level-10VIP.

    How does the levelling system work?

    Upon placing your first bet after registering with 10bet South Africa, you automatically qualify as a Level 1 member. Earn the necessary points to level up, progressing all the way up to Level-10VIP.

    What are the benefits of advancing levels?

    Each new level brings with it one or more mystery boxes to unlock, each containing prizes. Higher levels also come with exclusive perks accessible only to players who have reached those specific levels.

    How do mystery boxes operate?

    Each mystery box features a countdown timer indicating when the box can be opened to claim your prize. A tooltip provides a glimpse of potential prizes from each box.

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