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Crash Games in South Africa Guide (Aviator, Jetx etc)

Crash Games, also referred to as Crash Gambling Games, are a growingly popular type of casino game at South African online casinos and betting sites, popular titles like Aviator and Jetx. Crash Games likely derive from stock market trading and first appeared in crypto casinos. They’ve since spread to traditional online casinos and betting sites. When playing, you’ll see the similarity to trading. The game requires you to invest an initial stake/bet and then try to cash out at the right time for maximum profit. To help you get started playing these online, we’ve created this comprehensive guide.

How to play Crash Games like Aviator & Jetx

Crash Games have a straightforward gameplay that’s easy for new and experienced players to grasp. This, along with unique features, could be why they’re so popular. To play, you select your bet amount, often starting at a minimum of R1. Some games even allow you to place two bets at once. After betting, the game begins and the multiplier gradually increases. Your goal is to cash out before the crash, or you’ll lose.

The available Crash Games use different themes to show the multiplier. Some use a simple line like in trading, while others use creative visuals such as a plane or jet. For example, in Spribe’s “Aviator,” a plane’s flight curve represents the multiplier. As the game round progresses, the plane flies higher, increasing the multiplier. Cash out before the plane flies away.

Smartsoft Gaming’s “JetX” works similarly, with players aboard a jet taking off into space. The longer the flight, the bigger the multiplier. But beware of the “boom” and cash out before the jet crashes.


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Aviator Features

  • Max Win R5 Million
  • Exciting and fun
  • Fast rounds and Auto Cash Out
  • Cash out at anytime
  • Bet from as little as R1
  • Author : The Gambler

Aviator Basics

  • Game Type : Virtual Game
  • Software : Spribe

Why are Crash Games so popular?

Crash Games are a unique way to experience online gambling. They’re easy to understand, fast-paced, and offer the chance to win big. For example, a player at Hollywoodbets won R4 million on “Aviator” in 2022. Like slots, crash games require no skills and are purely games of luck, with each round’s outcome randomly determined.

However, players have some control over their experience. You can choose to cash out early or later, based on your risk tolerance. The game requires active involvement, and your decision will determine your win or loss. Developers offer helpful features like Auto Betting and Auto Cash Out, especially the latter which lets you set a specific multiplier and automatically cashes out when reached.

Additionally, crash games often have a chat function, allowing you to interact with other players and giving the games a community feel that appeals to a younger generation of players.


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Jetx Features

  • Betting starts from R1 a round
  • Cash out before the plane flies off
  • Huge multipliers and big wins on offer
  • The RTP of JetX ranges from 96.7% to 98.8%

Jetx Basics

  • Game Type : Cash Out Games
  • Software : SmartSoft Gaming

Crash game strategies

To maximize your enjoyment and cash return of crash gambling games, consider these tips:

  1. Utilize features offered, such as Auto Betting and Auto Cash Out. The latter is particularly helpful as you can set a desired multiplier level, and the game will automatically cash out for you when that level is reached.
  2. Start small and be content with smaller wins. Many games allow a minimum bet of R1, so you can still have fun with a limited budget. It may be wise to cash out regularly at a multiplier of e.g. 1.5x, instead of always striving for a higher multiplier and risking crashes.
  3. Observe and learn the game before betting. Use demo play or watch the game without betting to get a better understanding. Join in when you feel comfortable.
  4. Diversify your bets by taking advantage of the option to place two bets at once. Both bets can have different strategies. Play responsibly by setting and sticking to a budget and limits.
  5. Strategies such as “Martingale” (doubling bets to chase losses) are not recommended, as crash games should be primarily entertaining. Any wins are a bonus.

Crash games or online slots? Which is better?

Crash games and online slots are two popular casino game types that share similarities and also have distinct differences. Both are games of chance with random outcomes, offer a variety of themes and options, and let you pick one that matches your preference.

However, crash games offer more control compared to online slots. In crash games, players can choose to cash out at any time, making the experience more interactive and requiring quick decision-making. Additionally, crash games are often multiplayer and have a chat feature, adding a social aspect to the experience.

In contrast, online slots are straightforward with no control over the outcome, players just place their bet and spin the reels. The choice between crash games and online slots ultimately depends on personal preference and what type of gambling experience is desired. Some may prefer the thrill of crash games, while others may prefer the simplicity of online slots like spina zonke.

Where to play Crash Games in South Africa

The popular Aviator game is available on Hollywoodbets, Betway, Sportingbet and a few other SA betting sites. While games like Jetx are currently only availabe on Hollywoodbets.

Betway Aviator

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Betway Aviator Features

  • Play from R1 a bet
  • Win up to 20,000x your stake
  • Now available on Betway

Betway Aviator Basics

  • Game Type : Cash Out Games
  • Software : Spribe

More on Crash Games in South Africa

Where can I find online crash games in South Africa?

Several betting sites, such as Hollywoodbets, Betway, and Sportingbet, offer crash games like Aviator and JetX. You can find a comprehensive list in our Crash Games Guide.

Can I play crash games on my mobile device?

Crash games are designed for mobile compatibility, so you can enjoy a smooth experience on either Android or iOS.

Which is the best crash game?

The best crash game is subjective and depends on personal preference. Currently, you can only play Aviator by Spribe and JetX by Smartsoft Gaming on licensed betting sites. Try both at Hollywoodbets to determine which one you like better.

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