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    How to Play Mega Ball 100x on Hollywoodbets

    How Evolution Gaming and South African sites like Hollywoodbets and Betway have consistently managed to deliver some super-amazing online bingo games through the years is incredible. It is even more unbelievable how they’ve managed to craft a game with the best of everything; a bingo card with swirling numbered balls, a live host, and a superb gaming experience.

    It is the Mega Ball moment, and as a South African online casino lover, this one is for you. In a nutshell, this online Bingo has:

    • RTP of 95.40% with a bet range of R1 and R1000.
    • Killer graphics and unique live casino-bingo mechanics.
    • HD streaming from Latvia, available on desktop and mobile.

    Mega Ball: Overview

    No online casino game is probably the best combo of Bingo and some specific features of Keno and lucky draw more than Mega Ball. And this game isn’t just a perfect profit-hunter’s pick; it also is a fantastic choice for casual gamblers who prefer moments of endless thrill. The quality of the streaming, plus the killer graphics and unique live casino-bingo mechanics, are unlike any other.

    This game, aptly known as Mega Ball 100x because of the x100 maximum multiplier effect, is just of the few well-done pieces by Evolution Gaming. The gameplay is simple – match the cards bought with the balls drawn, and you walk away a winner. The highest win per card is 100x the total bet, whether you play for 10 cents per card or R5.

    More balls matched equals a greater chance of finishing a line. Whether you purchase a single card or several with 24 random numbers, the total number of balls drawn to be matched is 20. The end is always beautiful since the Mega Ball is there to add excitement by multiplying your winnings!

    Mega Ball Payouts: What Determines your Winning Amount?

    While you will play Mega Ball 100x in South Africa with hopes of smashing the casino and winning a decent payout, several factors determine how much you will win. The first one is the number of lines you get. The second one is the number of balls matched.

    Every card drawn will have 5×5 squares, with the middle square being unnumbered. Your price per card is what fills the space, and it can be as little as R1 or higher, to a maximum of R1000. The maximum number of cards you can play at a go is 200.

    Basically, you can buy one card or go for more – 10, 15, or 25, up to 200. Your wager per card bought determines your winning amount, and you can settle for anything from as little as R1 to R1000 per card.

    Mega Ball Payouts in a nutshell:

    1. 1 line: 1x up to 100x of your wager.
    2. 2 lines: 5x up to 500x of your wager.
    3. 3 lines: 50x up to 5,000x of your wager.
    4. 4 lines: 250x up to 25,000x of your wager.
    5. 5 lines: 1,000x up to 10,000x of your wager.
    6. 6+: 10,000x up to 100,000x of your wager.

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    How to Play the Mega Ball 100x Live Casino Game in South Africa

    Every game round starts with the gambler deciding the number of cards they want to buy and their respective value. It can be a single card or a couple, so long as the balance allows. The game round allows drawing 20 balls upon deciding the number of cards and their subsequent purchases.

    20 balls out of 51 are drawn one by one as the cards are sorted. Complete vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines trigger payouts, and each line that ends successfully adds to the payout.

    The numbers of the 20 balls drawn are automatically marked on the cards and will be visible on your screen, sorted, and updated automatically. The cards closest to the winning cards are set at the top and the rest at the bottom. Meanwhile, the UI will highlight the information on your potential winnings in case a particular ball is drawn.

    The experience throughout the entire round is always a mix of excitement and moments of endless chills down the spine. It may never take much time before the whole session ends, and all 20 balls are drawn, given the ‘multiplier’ moment.

    The end of the draw is marked by the generation of the random multiplier, which gives way to the Mega Ball – the spinning of the Wheel of Multipliers. This 21st ball gives your winnings a mega boost!

    But there’s a catch!

    As much as winnings on this Bingo game depend on the number of balls matched, there’s something exciting. Mega Ball 100x allows gamers to change numbers on cards they bought so long as the game hasn’t ended.

    If you go for R1 on the cards and change your mind, this game will allow you to adjust your stake. You may also “refresh” the deck to get different numbers, so long as the game hasn’t ended. All numbers have equal chances of winning, so making all the adjustments never really affect the game.

    Mega Ball Game Strategy for Maximum Winnings

    Much as this online Bingo game is based on luck, some strategies could enhance your chances of winning.

    One card is better than multiple

    Mathematically (or statistically), a single card has a higher return to the player at 95.40% than a multiple. The RTP drops as the number of cards increases. And even a single point in RTP is a huge difference and a massive win for the house edge.

    R500 per card should be your maximum

    The maximum payout is quite irresistible, and you may be tempted to go for it. However, with a smaller bet per card, you stand a higher chance of winning more, even if you don’t hit the highest payout.

    Lastly, why play Mega Ball online in South Africa

    Mega Ball is one of the easiest Bingo games you will play online. It is easy, even for an ordinary South African gambler who has never gambled any online Bingo game. Multipliers range from 5x to 100x, and each has its distinctive colour. The multiplier is applied on complete lines only.

    Another wonderful thing about playing this game in South Africa is the ease of playing. You will not need anyone to tell you how much you’ve won, as every win is displayed above the cards and highlighted in gold.

    Remember that Mega Ball 100x allows you to adjust your bet amount as the game runs. It also has the all-important autoplay feature. Autoplay will let you repeat specific bets by adding the same numbers and values on the cards.

    Mega Ball 100x

    100% Deposit Match up To R2000 Play Now

    Mega Ball 100x Features

    • Live Bingo Style Game Play
    • Betting Starts at R1
    • Buy up to 200 Cards a Round
    • Big Multipliers Offer Bigger Wins

    Mega Ball 100x Basics

    • Game Type : Gameshows
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

    First Person Mega Ball

    100% Deposit Match up To R2000 Play Now

    First Person Mega Ball Features

    • Bonus Round Up To 100x
    • Bingo Style Game
    • Play At Your Own Pace

    First Person Mega Ball Basics

    • Game Type : Lucky Numbers, Virtual Game
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

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