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    Live Roulette on Hollywoodbets

    Playing online live roulette games in South Africa has never been as easy and accessible as it is now, thanks to casino betting sites like Hollywoodbets, who offer live roulette, blackjack, Spina Zonke slots and more. When it comes to live roulette, Hollywoodbets offers a number of variations, from live dealer roulette, first-person roulette and auto roulette, to the entertaining and incredibly popular Lightning Roulette. Live Dealer Roulette is a really simple game that most players should have no trouble understanding.

    The game of roulette

    To play roulette you simply need to predict which colour or number segment (or one of the other betting options) the ball will stop on once it has been spun around the wheel. There are two wheel variations: the European wheel (contains 37 numbers, 0 through to 36) and the American wheel (contains 38 numbers, 0, 00 to 36). When it comes to the Hollywoodbets roulette games you’ll find that most are played on the more popular European wheel.

    The numbers on the roulette wheel are red and black, and alternate around the circumference of the wheel, with the green zero being the only number that is not black or red. While these colours and numbers appear to be placed randomly around the wheel, they actually follow a very specific sequence which you can view on the side of the table. Once you have placed your bet, the dealer or croupier spins the wheel before spinning the ball around the edge of the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will eventually lose momentum and come to rest in one of the numbered segments on the wheel, showing which is the winning number.

    How the Roulette Wheel Works

    There are a few important things to understand about the Roulette Wheel, which is standard across all the roulette games:

    • The European roulette wheel contains 37 numbers, 1-36 with a single green 0.
    • The numbers between 1-10 as well as 19-28; the odd numbers are coloured red and the even numbers are coloured black
    • The numbers between 11-18 as well as 29-36; the odd numbers are coloured black and the even numbers are coloured red.
    • The 0 (zero) is coloured green.
    • Remember, the American roulette wheel contains an additional 0, known as the double zero (00).

    How to bet on Roulette

    There are a number of different bets you can take on any of the live roulette games offered on Hollywoodbets. These bet types are basically the same for both European and American tables, the only difference being that you can bet on two different sets of zeros on an American table versus the one zero available on the European wheel. As previously mentioned we will be focusing on the European table as that is what most of the Evolution and Ezugi games offer.

    Firstly, roulette bets are broken down into two broad categories:

    • Inside bets: these are bets that are placed on numbers or combinations that appear within the central grid of the table.
    • Outside bets: these are bets that are placed on several combinations of numbers or patterns and appear outside of the central grid of the table

    Roulette Bets & Side Bet Types

    Straight Up This simply refers to taking a bet on any single number.
    Split This is a bet placed on either the horizontal or vertical line between two numbers.
    Street This bet covers any three horizontal numbers in a row. For example: 10, 11, 12 or 25, 26, 27
    Corner This bet is placed at the intersection of four different numbers. For example: 16, 19, 17, 20 or 1, 4, 2, 5.
    Top Line This bet requires you to place your chip at the intersection between two rows. This covers all the numbers in both selected rows – a total of six.

    Outside Bets

    Column Here you will place your chip in one of the three boxes labelled “2 to 1”. This covers all 12 of the numbers in that column except for the zero/zeroes.
    Dozen This bet requires you to place your chip in one of the three boxes labelled “1st 12”, “2nd 12”, or “3rd 12”. This covers the 12 numbers within each box.
    Red/Black This one is straightforward – place your chip in the “Red” or “Black” boxes to cover the 18 numbers associated with each colour. Remember, this bet does not cover the zero.
    Even/Odd Similar to the above, select “Odd” or “Even” to have your bet cover either the 18 odd or 18 even numbers. Again, the zero is not covered by this bet.
    1-18/19-36 Place your chip in either of these boxes to covert the first or second set of 18 numbers. The zero is not covered by these bets.

    Recommended Live Roulette Games

    There are a host of excellent live roulette games to try on Hollywoodbets, and we’ve listed some of our favourite variants below.

    Lightning Roulette

    Lightning Roulette

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    Lightning Roulette Features

    • European Roulette
    • Lightning Multipliers on Random Numbers
    • Live Studio
    • The Most popular Roulette Game

    Lightning Roulette Basics

    • Game Type : Gameshows, Roulette
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

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