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Split the Pot Games on Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets have launched split the pot which is 7 new unique and fun games that start from as little as R1 a bet, and run great on both mobile and desktop. The Hollywoodbets Split the Pot games are full of action, and punters can expect to win big but need to be patient and cash out at the right time. The key is not to get too greedy. We will be looking at each of these games in this guide and explain how to play the games, along with some tips and tricks punters can try in order to have the best chance of winning big.

Paper Plane

Paper plane is very similar to the Hollywoodbets Aviator game in that you predict how far the plane will fly. There is a handy slider that can be adjusted between 1 – and 100m.  You simply have to set your stake and choose the distance the plane will fly. If your plane goes over or under your selected bet then it will be a win.

This game has a lot of similarities to Aviator but it’s actually simpler, quicker, and less data-hungry which is very much like Dare Devil. Dare Devil has also recently been released as part of the Split the Pot game suite. Our top tip is to predict a lower distance to best secure returns in smaller chunks, be patient, and enjoy the simplicity of the game.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is an interesting click and reveal game where a tile reveals either a bomb or a gold piece hidden under the tile. The more gold you have collected, the higher your payout.  If you click on a tile and it reveals a bomb then you lose your bet. There are 4 difficulty settings namely easy, medium, hard and insane. The odds increase the higher the difficulty however, the chance of revealing a bomb also increases.

Gold Rush is a high-risk, high-reward game, and we can see punters enjoying the simplistic yet rewarding experience. Our Top Tip is to limit the tile reveals and not push your luck too far even though it is tempting.  We have two strategies to suggest. The first is to set the difficulty on easy and reveal 3 to 4 tiles and then cash out. Our second strategy is where things get insane, no pun intended.  We suggest setting the difficulty to insane and only reveal one tile and cash-out. Gold Rush is an enjoyable game especially if you are looking for something simple and quick, and the game does a really good job of making you feel in control.

Dare Devil

Dare Devil is an action-packed game that is quite similar to Paper Plane and also draws similarities to Aviator. The Dare Devil climbs up the pole. The punter will start off by predicting how far the Dare Devil will climb up the pole. If the Dare Devil passes your prediction then you win and get paid out. You have the chance of reaching the 1,000,000x multiplier which is extremely exciting. If the Dare Devil does not reach your predicted distance then you lose.

Our top tip is to always bet to climb low so that you have a better chance of always having a return. Slow and Steady.  This will however need a lot of patience. We suggest a distance of between 1  to  4. We consider 1 as low risk, 2 and 3 as medium risk, and anything over 3 as high risk but high returns. It is a very simple game and is very friendly on the data usage as a result. The multiplier meter is a fantastic feature as it shows you what you are expected to win in the event the Dare Devil climbs past your prediction.

Street Dice

Playing with Dice has always been popular among players, especially old-school gamblers. Street Dice is a simple digital form of the old-school-styled dice games. There are many betting options to choose from including over/under, ranges, and the correct dice roll.

Our Top Tip is to always bet on over 12 with a wager of between R2 to R5. The street dice game is the simple digital form of dice game to your screen which will definitely suit those old-school dice gamblers. Players who enjoy street dice should look at Lightning Dice on Hollywoodbets, which also offers a great dice betting experience.

Rock Paper Scissors

The Rock Paper Scissors game is exactly the same as the classic game that most people would have played at some point. The classic game involved using your hands to make either a scissor sign, a rock sign, or a paper sign. The rules are simple, Rock beats scissors, Scissors beat paper and Paper beats Rock.

In order to play, the punter needs to select either a symbol by selecting one of the Rock, or Paper Scissor symbols on the screen. Rock Paper Scissors brings the classic game to your screen.

Rugby Run

Rugby Run is very similar to Paper Plane, Dare Devil, and the popular Aviator game in that you need to predict how far the Rugby Player is going to run before he gets tackled. Rugby Run is as simple as the further the rugby player runs the bigger the multiplier and thus, the bigger the payout. You need to cash out before the Rugby Player is tackled.

Our Top Tip is to always cash out once you have hit the 2X multiplier similar to our Aviator Tips and Strategies.  You will need patience and play for the long run. Rugby Run is especially enjoyable for fans that are looking for a change of scenery from the Aviator game.


The Archeo game is an interesting treasure digging game that reminds us a lot of the classic Dig Dug game, only it is much simpler. The more levels you go, the bigger the multipliers you earn.  The punter needs to select a piece of the land where they predict a treasure will be. If you select a tile on a piece of land and there is a skull, then you will lose your bet. If you predict correctly then you will go to the next level. You can cash out at any time.

There are also 4 difficulties to choose from similar to Gold Rush with selections of Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. The harder the difficulty, the greater the payout. Our Top Tip is to play on either Hard or Insane difficulty but always cash out after the first selection. The Archeo game is very similar to many popular click and reveal games and therefore this game will appeal to many punters. It is very simple but it is very light on data consumption and with some luck and discipline, punters can do marginally well.

The Gambler’s verdict on the Hollywoodbets Split the pot games

The Split the pot games are fun but simple. It speaks to punters that want a smooth yet engaging experience and especially speaks to lower-risk punters that like to grow their earnings steadily by betting low and slow. Our favorite games are Dare Devil and Rugby Pass. Overall, the Split the Pot games offer a nice variety of simple and easy games. To check out some of these Split the Pot games on Hollywoodbets you can click here. You can also check out the Hollywoodbets Spina Zonke games, or find out more on their casino games offering in our Hollywoodbets review.

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