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    Betway Cash Out Explained – Cash your bets early

    On Betway South Africa, you have the option to “cash out” on your bets before they are resolved, which enables you to receive money back before the event is over and the outcome of your wager is known. Depending on how your selection is performing at the moment you choose the Cash Out option, you will either make a profit or receive a portion of your initial wager back.

    Your offer will be reflected in the My Bets tab and will be based on the odds that were in effect when you decided to look for a Cash Out offer. Never will the sum being offered exceed the total win potential of the betslip.

    On Betway Cash Out you can;

    1. Pay out some of a wager before your bet is resolved or settled.
    2. If you’re worried about the amount of time left in an event or the outcome of your Multi Bet selections, lower your risk and take some winnings.
    3. If you decide to change your mind before kickoff, you can cancel your wager and get some of your money back.

    How to Cash Out your Betway Bets

    You stake R10 on Team 1 to defeat Team 2 at odds of 1.8, giving you a chance to win R80:

    • Betway may offer you a Cash Out of 14 since Team 1 scores to take a 1-0 lead, which boosts your chances of winning your wager.
    • You have two options: take the 14 (your wager plus a profit of four); or hold out for the last seconds in the hopes that Team 1 wins, giving you the full 18 (your wager plus four).
    • If Team 2 scores first and goes ahead 0:1, your wager has a lower chance of success. If we make you a Cash Out offer of 6, you can choose to take it and receive 6 back or risk losing your entire 10 if Team 2 goes on to win the game.

    Betway Multi Bets Cash Out

    You wager R5 on five games totaling R10 at total odds of 3.5, giving you a chance to win R35.

    • Betway may offer you a Cash Out offer of 22 if you win the first three games but are doubtful of your picks in the final two, based on the odds at the time.
    • You may either cash out before the final two games begin, winning an additional 12 off your initial wager, or you can wait and hope the other two events win to get the whole R35.
    • Depending on the state of the game, you could possibly wait for the subsequent games to start and see whether a Cash Out offer becomes available.

    Use Betway Cash Out if you want to cancel your bet

    You wager R10 (with a potential payout of R18) on Team 1 to defeat Team 2 at odds of 1.8.

    • Before the game even starts, you can be given the option to Cash Out early if you determine it was not a wise wager for some reason. With this option, you will be able to at least partially recover a wager that you anticipate losing.
    • Please be aware that whenever you decide to accept a Cash Out in any of these situations, your initial wager is considered settled and closed and will no longer be included among your Open Bets.
    • You won’t have another chance to win money on that wager at this time.
    • The availability of a Cash out offer at any time or for any game is not guaranteed by Betway.


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    FAQs: Unraveling Betway Cash Out

    What is Betway Cash Out?

    Betway Cash Out is a feature that allows you to settle your bets before the event ends. It provides an option to secure part of your potential winnings or limit losses, depending on the real-time status of your bet.

    How does Cash Out work?

    Cash Out is available for selected bets and markets. If your bet is eligible for Cash Out, you’ll see a Cash Out icon next to it. You can then choose to Cash Out either entirely or partially.

    Can I Cash Out all my bets?

    Not all bets have the Cash Out option. Check for the Cash Out icon next to your bet to see if it’s eligible.

    How do I Cash Out my bet?

    To Cash Out, go to the “My Bets” section or check your bet slip. If your bet is eligible for Cash Out, you’ll see the Cash Out icon. Click on it, and you can decide to Cash Out fully or partially.

    Will the Cash Out amount be the same as my potential winnings?

    The Cash Out amount may differ from your potential winnings. It will depend on the current odds and the status of the event.

    Can I Cash Out a bet with a free bet or bonus?

    Bets placed using free bets or bonus funds are not eligible for Cash Out. Only real money bets can be cashed out.

    Is Cash Out available on all platforms?

    Yes, you can use Cash Out on Betway’s website, mobile app, and other platforms that offer this feature.

    Can I Cash Out a bet that is in-play?

    Yes, provided the Cash Out option is available for that specific bet and market.

    What happens if the Cash Out offer is suspended?

    If the Cash Out offer is suspended, it means the event’s circumstances are rapidly changing, making the Cash Out feature temporarily unavailable. You can try again later to see if it becomes available.

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