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    Betway Tennis Betting Rules

    Tennis is one of the most popular sports for players with a Betway account to bet on, in fact, it’s just behind soccer in popularity! Tennis betting rules can be quite complex given the nature of the sport, and there are various occasions where someone has placed a tennis bet on Betway, and they don’t understand why it has been settled as a loss or voided. There are various rules published on the Betway site about how matches and bets are settled, all of which are somewhat hard to find. To make it easier for you to view the Betway rules we’ve posted all the current ones below, so you should find the answer you are looking for. If you’d like to know more about Betway then have a read through our comprehensive Betway Review.


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    Full list of Betway Tennis Betting Rules

    1. Match Betting: If a match is started, but not completed, then all bets will be void, unless the player is disqualified, in which case the player progressing to the next round will be deemed the winner.
    2. Any change to the schedule and/or day of the match, all bets stand.
    3. Any Change of venue or change of surface, or if a match is moved from outdoor to indoor (or vice versa), all bet stand.
    4. Set Betting/Set Score: If the set is not completed, then bets on that set will be void.
    5. Number of Sets in a Match: If the match is not completed, bets will be void.
    6. Total Games: If the match is not completed, bets will be void.
    7. Total Games Odd/Even: If the match is not completed, bets will be void. For settlement purposes, 0 (zero) counts as even.
    8. Total Games/Handicap Games: At the end of the match all of the games each individual player has won are totalled and the handicap applied to determine the handicap winner. If the Handicap/Total Game value offered is a round number and the final result is this exact number, bets will be settled as a push.
    9. Game Betting/Game Score: If the game is not completed, then bets on that game will be void.
    10. Set Correct Score: If the match is not completed, all bet will be void
    11. Outright Betting, Quarter Betting, Half Betting: Players withdrawing/not taking part, all bet will stand.
    12. If a Tournament is not completed, all Outright bets will be void.
    13. Name the Finalists/To Reach the Final: A player withdrawing before the start of the tournament, bet will be void.
    14. To Win a Set/Not To Win a Set: If the match is not completed, bets will be void, unless an outcome has already been determined.
    15. Most Aces: If the match is not completed, bets will be void.
    16. Tournament Fastest Serve: Player must serve at least 1 ball in the tournament for bet to stand.
    17. Match tie-break is counted as one game.
    18. If a match is decided by a Match tie-break then the Match tie-break will be considered to be the 3rd set.
    19. Tie-Break In First Set : If the first set is not completed, bets on this outcome will be void.
    20. Most Double Faults: If match is not completed or in case of tie, bets are void. Bets settled from official tournament statistics.
    21. Total Aces/Double Faults: If match is not completed, bets are void, unless settlement of the bet has already been determined.
    22. To Lose 1st Set and Win Match: If match is not completed, bets are void.
    23. First Ace/First Double Fault: If no player has made an ace or double fault, bets on this outcome be void.
    24. 1st Service Break: If service break does not take place, bets on this outcome are void.
    25. Set Handicap Betting: If the match is not completed, bets on this outcome are void.
    26. 1st Set – Players 1st Service Game: Market offered for named player to hold or break on their 1st Service Game of the match. The 1st Service Game must be completed for bets to stand.
    27. Match Specials: Named outcomes subject to normal ‘tennis rules’, unless settlement of the bet has already been determined. In cases of double market results, such as Player A to win the match 2-0 and serve most aces, in cases of any tie where bets are deemed a push, the Match Special will be made void.

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