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    Capitec Pay and Ozow: Revolutionizing Online Betting in South Africa

    Capitec Pay introduces a swift and secure method for completing all your deposits across various reputable South African betting and casino platforms, eliminating the necessity of providing your bank account or card details. By associating your customer details with your mobile number, you’ll be able to authorize deposits using merely your cell phone number! In this guide, we’ll be explaining how to use Capitec Pay to make your next deposit.

    Distinguishing Capitec from Capitec Pay

    Capitec Pay, while linked to the same financial institution, is a unique payment service introduced by Capitec, facilitated by Ozow. This solution discards the need to use remote banking credentials for depositing funds. Instead, your mobile phone number serves as a unique bank identifier, simplifying and accelerating payments!

    The Rationale Behind Choosing Capitec Pay

    Capitec Pay offers all betting and casino platform users a seamless integration between Ozow and Capitec through open banking frameworks. The benefits include:

    • Your banking details remain undisclosed to online vendors.
    • Payments are initiated using only your mobile number, with verification via your app.
    • This service ensures a safe and secure online payment environment.
    • No need to go to the store to buy a betting voucher like 1Voucher or OTT.

    Advantages of Using Capitec Pay

    Capitec Pay provides numerous benefits, including:

    • Faster transaction times.
    • Simplified user flow, requiring only the mobile number linked to your Capitec profile.
    • Enhanced security through in-app transaction authentication.
    • Greater user control over the selection of merchants where Capitec Pay can be used.

    How to use Capitec Pay on Ozow

    Follow these straightforward steps to leverage the full capabilities of Ozow on your betting or casino account:

    1. Navigate to the bank selection page: Capitec Pay will be listed on the bank selection page.
    2. Enter your credentials: You will input your mobile phone number, instead of your online banking login details.
    3. Payment authorization: The payment notification will appear in your Capitec app, and you can follow the subsequent steps to approve the payment.
    4. Capitec banking app confirmation: The Capitec banking app notification will display the transaction amount and the merchant requesting the payment.
    5. Completion: Once you’ve clicked on the “Pay” button, the payment will be finalized and confirmed.
    6. If you need more help then contact the betting site, or look on the Capitec site for more details.

    As South Africa’s reputable betting and casino platforms continue to enhance their online customer experience, Capitec Pay stands as a significant addition to their payment options, making online betting and gaming more accessible and secure than ever before. Check out our list of SA betting sites than you can use Capitec Pay with Ozow with;

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