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    Jika Sports Virtual Games Guide – How It All Works

    Jika Sports is hot in the sports betting world of South Africa right now. Punters are loving the new and fresh experience with some obvious, but great advantages over traditional Sports betting. What is Jika Sports you may ask? It is simply put, an animated version of real games. 

    There is a Jika Sports betting event that takes place every 6 minutes where you can bet on Horse Racing, Horse Jumps, Horse Trotting/Carts, Motor Racing, Grey Hound Racing, Racing Roulette and one of our personal favorites, Jika Soccer. In Jika Soccer, you can bet on the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A.  The events can be viewed live in real time with good looking graphics and great commentary which adds to the thrilling experience of Sports Betting.

    One of the great advantages of Jika Sports is that you can place a bet and will know the result almost instantaneously as the matches are over in under a minute. This is great for punters that like to bet in quick succession without having to wait hours for the events to finish in order to know the outcome. The minimum stake per bet is only R1 at certain bookmakers so we recommend you give it a try and start having some fun with Jika Sports. You can currently play Jika Sports at Betway, Gbets, Hollywoodbets, WSB and Supabets so let’s get into the variety of games.

    Jika Soccer

    Jika soccer is our favorite virtual betting game as it mimics the real soccer games to the tee. Jika soccer is a virtual soccer betting game that takes place every 6 minutes. You can bet on the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A with real team names and colors which makes it even more realistic.  You can place your bet and proceed to watch the game immediately afterwards. The matches are short so you will be able to see if you have won or lost almost instantly.

    There are a ton of markets available:

    Recently added Markets include Time of First Goal, First Team to Score, Half Time Results, Goal Half Time Some of the popular markets are Total Goal, Correct score, Double Chance, Over/Under 2.5, 1st Goal Scorer.

    Jika Horse Racing – Virtual Horse Racing

    Jika Horse Racing is a hot favourite amongst South Africans as it entails the betting on virtual horse racing These races take place every 6 minutes and 12 horses take part in the race. The animation and graphics are exceptional and feels like the real deal.

    Some of the popular Markets available are:

    • Winner : Select the horse to finish in 1st place.
    • Place : Select a horse to finish in 1st,2nd or 3rd place.
    • Exacta : Select 2 horses to finish in 1st and 2nd in a specific order.
    • Trifecta : Select 3 horses to finish in 1st,2nd and 3rd place in the exact order.
    • Quinella : Select 2 horses to finish in either 1st and 2nd no matter the order.

    There is a vast selection of markets to choose from that cater to everyone’s needs including but not limited to Combination Exacta, Combination Trifecta and Trio to name a few.

    Jika Motor Racing

    Jika Motor Racing is as exciting as the real deal. One can bet on various betting markets with races being driven every 6 minutes. The high speed, action packed races are equipped with 8 to 14 cars racing on one track.  The animation is top notch and one of the highest quality we have seen in the virtual betting world of car racing.

    There are a great variety of single and combination bets as well as the popular Win and Place betting market.

    • Winner : Select the car to finish in 1st place.
    • Place : Select a car to finish in 1st,2nd or 3rd place.
    • Exacta : Select 2 cars to finish in 1st and 2nd in a specific order.
    • Trifecta : Select 3 cars to finish in 1st,2nd and 3rd place in the exact order.
    • Quinella : Select 2 cars to finish in either 1st and 2nd no matter the order.

    Jika Greyhound Racing

    Greyhound racing is not a popular sport in the South African betting market and is hard to come by which is why this virtual Greyhound Racing alternative is great for any betting enthusiast. It is as thrilling as the horse racing, with a race packed with action taking place every 6 minutes. The Greyhound races consists of 6 – 8 Greyhound virtual dogs which is exactly the reason why punters love this race.

    There are fewer Greyhounds compared to the horses which makes a “place” bet very attractive. The races are all showed live in HD 3D Animation offering great dynamic odds on many single and combination bets.

    • Winner : Select the greyhound to finish in 1st place.
    • Place : Select a greyhound to finish in 1st,2nd or 3rd place.
    • Exacta : Select 2 greyhounds to finish in 1st and 2nd in a specific order.
    • Trifecta : Select 3 greyhounds to finish in 1st,2nd and 3rd place in the exact order.
    • Quinella : Select 2 greyhounds to finish in either 1st and 2nd no matter the order.

    Jika Racing Roulette

    This is definitely an interesting Jika game from the Jika Racing Suite because it incorporates the classic Roulette styled game in a Horse Racing Animated environment which can be streamed live in real time. This is a great betting game for both the thoroughbred horse racing enthusiasts as well as the ever-present popular casino game Roulette where 13 horses are assigned a number between 1 and 13 which is paired with a colour of either Red or Black.

    Punters have a choice to place bets on any of these roulette-styled horses. There is also the added bonus of combining markets which makes this Jika betting game a popular pick amongst the hardcore punters. The experience of Jika Racing Roulette is very innovative and quite unique which is why it is very entertaining.

    Some of the more popular markets to choose from include Place, Even/Odd, Red/Black, Number, Exacta, Trifecta, Single Row and Columns.

    Here is a list of the full market below:

    • Place
    • Even / Odd (Single, Exacta, Trifecta)
    • Red / Black (Single, Exacta, Trifecta)
    • High / Low (Single, Exacta, Trifecta)
    • Numbers (Single, Exacta, Trifecta)
    • Rows/Columns (Single, Exacta, Trifecta)

    Where can you play Jika Sports?

    Betway Jika Sports

    Betway is one of the latest bookmakers to launch Jika Sports. Jika Sports is available on Betway’s Mobile App or via Desktop. It is located at the top of the page between Live games and Bet games so it is very easy to find. They have a great range of Jika Sports available for your selection namely Jika Soccer, Jika Racing, Jika Roulette and Jika Steeple Chase. There are some interesting odds available in both the Euro view or Asian view on some popular betting markets, including Even/Odds, Red/Black, Over/Under 2.5, 1×2 and double chance. The Gamblers Top Tip is to use the Betway Data free link so that those high-quality animations do not use all your airtime or data. This is why Betway is a great platform to enjoy unlimited Data betting while watching the Jika Games.

    Hollywoodbets Jika Sports

    Hollywoodbets has been offering Jika Sports since it was first released in South Africa back in 2019. They were the first to launch it in South Africa and offer the full Jika Racing suite as well as Jika Soccer. The Jika Sports link is situated near the bottom of the mobile site. You do however need to be logged in, in order to view the available Games, Races and odds. Hollywoodbets do not have a Data Free betting link though, so even if you are a regular Hollywoodbets punter, feel free to sign up on some of the other bookmakers that do provide Data Free links. We have listed their Sign-Up Bonuses here as well.

    Supabets Jika Sports

    Supabets have recently launched Jika Sports in South Africa and they are starting to become one of The Gamblers’ favourite bookmakers, specifically for Jika Sports. Unlike Hollywoodbets, Supabets do provide a Data Free experience and you do not have to be logged in to view the games or see the odds. What is even better, is that they provide a freeplay option where you can play and bet on Jika Games for Free but you won’t win any money as you would need to bet real money in order to win real money. With that said, this Free Play feature is The Gambler’s Top Tip for trying out Jika Sports as it won’t cost you a thing while allowing you to familiarise yourself with the games.

    GBets Jika Sports

    Gbets also recently launched Jika Sports in South Africa and they have become a popular hangout for Jika Soccer punters. During the pandemic they saw a major spike in Jika Soccer as the real games were not available during the COVID-19 pandemic which occurred all around the world.

    Jika Sports and specifically Jika Soccer, gave sports betting punters great options during pandemic times. The Gambler’s Top tip is that Jika Sports on GBets runs 24/7 with a game running every 6 minutes which is why it has become a hot spot for Jika punters from all over Africa. GBets have a Data free App so be sure to download the Data Free App first in order to navigate your way to the stunning visuals that is Jika Sports.

    WSB Jika Sports

    World Sports Betting introduced Jika Sports which can be found at the top of the mobile site, however you need to login in order to watch or bet on the Jika Sports. WSB recently introduced a free mode which can either be viewed via the Free Mode site or via their Moya app.


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