Reset or recover your lost Hollywoodbets password

Have you lost your password for your Hollywoodbets account and can’t login? Don’t know your Hollywoodbets PIN? In this brief guide we are going to explain to you how to login, how to reset or request a lost password from the Hollywoodbets mobile or desktop site. The process is pretty simple and we’ll have you set up with a new password in no time. Kindly note the process is the same on both desktop and mobile. You’ll also need to be sure that you regsitered an account with the correct details. If you don’t yet have an account then check out our Hollywoodbets review for more!

I have lost my password for my Hollywood account. How do I get a new one?

It’s perfectly normal if you’ve forgotten your Hollywood password, fortunately our password reset guide will get you logged into your account in no time!

Quick solution:

  1. Click this link to visit the Hollywoodbets site to request a lost password now!
  2. Choose whether you want to receive your lost password via SMS or Email.
  3. Enter your phone number or email (it must be the one you used to register).
  4. Click submit
  5. Check your phone or email for the message with your account details.
  6. Use the password to login here. Remember you can use your Hollywoodbets account number, cellphone number or email address as the username.

Still having trouble with your Hollywoodbets login?

If the above guide was not able to get you logged in then you’ll need to contact Hollywoodbets to find out what the problem is. Otherwise check out our common Hollywoodbets login problems post, which has solutions to some of the login errors that Hollywoodbets users experience. There are several different methods for contacting Hollywoodbets, we recommend giving them a call as their call centre staff are very helpful;

Hollywoodbets Helpline

Tel – 087 353 7634
Fax – 086 673 2627
Email –

117 Responses to “Reset or recover your lost Hollywoodbets password”

  1. I forgot my password so I can’t login I’ve tried so many times to reset a new password but still I can’t login

  2. I have registered but i cant use my account, because it always says that my ID no: is in use. Should i submit my ID copy? Pls help

  3. Hi when I trying to log in, they’re saying this account is closed or invalid, I called Hollywood help line hey give me new password, but still the same, what can I do to activate my account

  4. Hy can you please help me I have tried logging ,but its keeps saying the account is not activated, I don’t know why exactly because I have registered….please help me

  5. Hello my account is not working. Please help me to get it back. My phone number 0814648668. Thank you.

  6. I lost my phone and no longer using the same numbers I used when I registered for Hollywood how do I recover my account login information

  7. I had a Hollywood account then i lost my phone and my password so now on my new phone i can’t access my account with my new phone number. What to do?

  8. I had Hollywood account then my phone was stolen so i cant log in with my new phone.please help what can i do because it says ID NO already used??

  9. I had Hollywood account then my phone was stolen so i cant log in.Please help what can i do because it says ID number already used

  10. Hi need to re-activate my hollyhood acc but don’t have that cell number nor email acc what must I do.. Please help

  11. Hi I am no longer using my phone number that I have registered with,so I forgotten my password I want reset it but the OTP is send to the old number I can’t get it, so I need help to change my number and add the one I am using now

  12. Hello I change my number I want to be back when I go to forget password they say my I d number and phone number are not match please help me what I must do

  13. I lost access to my holywood account number .when i login with my new password it does’nt want to top up

  14. Account nr 4573940 iam waiting now almost 2weeks for my account to be activated help me please if i phone helpline the phone just ring until all your airtime is up

  15. i have a new email adreess but same number what should i do plz help , my old email is giving me problems

  16. I have registered but when I’m login said my account it’s closed I’m confused it’s said enter yo account which account my bank account?

  17. I can’t log in, it rejects my email and I’d number, can you delete everything so I can start a new account. Thanks


  19. Hellow I am using a new cellphone so I have lost the old device with the registered number, how can I reserve my login using the new number with a new device

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