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    Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Rejection Explained – Turn Over Rules

    Have you ever received the Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Rejection Turnover rules not met message when requesting a withdrawal on Hollywoodbets? If you have, it’s probably why you’ve found this article! The good news is that a withdrawal rejection isn’t a big big problem, but it is one that lot’s of players experience, and in this guide we’ll be explaining what it means, and what you need to do to change it from rejected to accepted!

    What does withdrawal rejection mean on Hollywoodbets

    If you get the message or email that your withdrawal from Hollywoodbets was unsuccessful, then be sure to check what the message says. Basically what’s happened, is that there has been an error with your withdrawal, and it could not be processed, fortunately the error message will say why this is, and it’s pretty easy to fix it. It’s doesn’t matter what withdrawal method you selected, be it cashsend or EFT, the same errors can appear across withdrawals on Hollywoodbets. Let’s run through some of the rejection messages below, like the turnover rules not met Hollywoodbets meaning, as well as what you need to do to resolve them so you can get your money.

    Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Rejection Turnover rules not met

    If you receive the Hollywoodbets turnover rules not met message, then it means you’ve made a deposit but haven’t played the deposit you made. Hollywoodbets turnover rules are that you’ll need to first wager the full amount you deposited, before you can request a withdrawal. For example you deposit R100 and take a R10 bet that wins and leave your balance on R300, you’ve only wagered R10 of the R100 your deposited, and need to wager a further R90 to meet the turn over requirements. This is what is listed in the Hollywoodbets terms and conditions for withdrawals ; Deposits : In adherence to the company’s anti-money laundering policies and procedures, account holders are required to turn over, stake or spend their full deposit, before a withdrawal may be processed.

    So if you’ve received this message all you have to do is turn over the remainder of your deposit, and you can do this on sports, slots, live casino games or anything on the Hollywoodbets site. Once you’ve played through your deposit once you’ll be able to request a withdrawal, which will be paid out successfully. The turnover rule has been put into place by Hollywoodbets due to money laundering laws, and all bookmakers and betting sites in South Africa follow the same law. Check out the terms and conditions on the Hollywoodbets site for more.

    Rejected by bank error

    Another common Hollywoodbets withdrawal rejection error is the Rejected by Bank error. This is usually because the bank details you’ve entered are not correct, and the funds cannot be paid to the account as they cannot find the account. To fix this check your banking details on the Hollywoodbets site, and make sure they are the same as those listed by your bank. Alternatively you can elect to do a cashsend withdrawal which does not require a bank account.

    How to turn over money quickly so you can withdrawal

    The good news is you can always withdraw after you’ve placed a few bets, so instead of taking a risk rather surrender a percentage of you balance by playing the odds. Bet on red / black and 0 on roulette and you’ll still walk away with 90% of your money if you bet correctly. You can do some in play wagering on soccer, or even a short odds bet that looks like a banker. The way you choose to meet the wagering is up to you.

    Also, remember to have your account FICA compliant for the withdraw, as the Hollywoodbets terms state : Irrespective of the method selected for withdrawal, clients who have not previously submitted their identity document and valid proof of residence when opening their account will be requested to do so before the first withdrawal on their account can be processed. Depending on the value of the withdrawal and the method selected, further documentation may be requested.

    Contact Hollywoodbets for withdrawal errors

    If you are unable to resolve the error you are having by following the details above, or have an error that wasn’t covered then you’ll need to get in touch with Hollywoodbets withdrawal support;

    • Email: withdrawals@hollywoodbets.net
    • Telephone: 087 353 7634
    • Live Chat via the website

    Understanding Hollywoodbets Withdrawal Rejections and Solutions

    In the dynamic landscape of online betting, issues like withdrawal rejections at Hollywoodbets can be perplexing. However, as highlighted in this article, most of these rejections have straightforward resolutions. Whether it’s due to not meeting the turnover rules or errors related to bank details, understanding the cause of the rejection is half the battle. Always ensure to read and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of the platform and, in case of persistent issues, their support team remains a vital resource.

    In the end, it’s about enjoying the gaming experience and having a seamless process from placing bets to withdrawing your earnings. If you’d like to know more about Hollywoodbets then head over to our Hollywoodbets review, and don’t forget to check out our list of the best slots sites in South Africa. If you need further help with a withdrawal then head over to our Hollywoodbets withdrawal guide. Should you have a Hollywoodbets rejection withdrawal message to share then please leave it in the comments below.

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