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    Crazy Time Strategies and Tips

    Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games in South Africa, with thousands of players trying to hit an elusive Crazy Time bonus game or pick up a big win on a daily basis. But are there any effective betting strategies for Crazy Time, ones that could potentially give you a better return for your bet? In this article we are going to take a closer look at some of the popular Crazy Time strategies and tips from around the web, as well as motivate some of the reasoning behind how they work.

    Crazy Time Payouts and Wheel Breakdown

    Wheel Position Quantity of Positions Chance to Hit Return to Player (RTP) Max Potential Payout Risk
    Number 1 21 39% 96.08% 50x Low
    Number 2 13 24% 95.95% 100x Low
    Number 5 7 13% 95.78% 250x Medium
    Number 10 4 7% 95.73% 500x Medium
    Coin Flip Bonus 4 7% 95.70% 5,000x Medium
    Pachinko Bonus 2 4% 94.33% 50,000x High
    Cash Hunt Bonus 2 4% 95.27% 25,000x High
    Crazy Time Bonus 1 2% 94.41% 100,000x High

    The Crazy Time Bonus Strategy

    The Crazy Time Bonus Strategy involves only betting on the bonus games as it has some of the highest multipliers available in the Crazy Time game. The bigger the multipliers, the bigger the winnings. We have been fairly successful with this strategy.  The bonus games also have a decent RTP and packs a thrilling experience that makes you fall in love with this game over and over again.

    The 3-Way Bonus Strategy (aka Max Win Strategy)

    This involves betting on the 3 highest potential pay-out multipliers by selecting Pachinko Bonus, Cash Hunt Bonus & Crazy Time Bonus. These three bonus games have a max potential of 50,000x, 25,000x & 100,000x respectively. This is huge considering that these can be hit with a R3 bet eg R1 on each. The upside is extraordinary and you have a 10% chance to hit any of these 3 bonus games. This is fairly high considering the max potential payout multipliers. This strategy is definitely for the risky rollers but it can pay off and when it does, it can be life changing.

    The Lucky number 7 Strategy

    The Lucky number 7 strategy involves placing bets on the number 5 and the number 2. This strategy is a low to medium risk. It originated from punters playing their lucky numbers that they translated from their dreams. Some punters had great success with this strategy so we thought we would take a look at the statistics behind this strategy. It turns out that there is a 31% chance to be successful which is fairly good considering it yields a pay-out ratio of 2:1 or 10:1.  We have recently seen some alterations to this strategy though whereby it is paired with two bonus bets which we will discuss next.

    The Lucky number 7 Bonus Strategy

    This strategy evolved slightly in the sense that punters stuck to the lucky number 7 theme but paired the 5 number option with 2 bonus bets. The 7 is derived from the number 5 + 2 (bonus). The punters would pair the 2 highest Max potential pay-outs namely Pachinko Bonus & Crazy Time Bonus with max pay-out being 50,000x and 100,000x respectively. The pairing of the 5 provides the security to rollers that are transitioning from a medium risk roller into a high risk roller.

    We have witnessed some of these pay fantastic dividends to their punters which also yields a 19% chance of being a success. This strategy is also often used when high rollers start to pull back from staking too many high risk bets and use this strategy to normalize the playing field.

    The Crazy Time Balanced Strategy

    Most punters prefer to play the balanced Strategy which involves betting on every single position except for number 1 and number 2. This strategy often yields a good balance of winnings with occasional big wins hence it’s referred to as the balanced strategy.

    The Multiplier Strategy

    The Multiplier Strategy involves punters betting on all the available options, 1, 2,5 10 and all the bonuses. The logic behind this strategy is to try and hit as many bonus multipliers as possible. The bonus multiplier is hit on average every 6th round. Our advice would be to play this strategy on every 5th and 6th and 7th round to give you the best chance to gain some good bonus multipliers. If you hit the bonuses on any of these rounds, do not proceed to the next round following the same Strategy and rather revert to the strategy that we will be covering next also known as the Max RTP strategy.

    The Maximum RTP strategy for Crazy Time

    This strategy involves playing the percentage game based on the average return to player (RTP) percentages. The highest percentage RTP in the game is on the number 1. This strategy allows for the most wins over a long period. The Top Bonus wheel has a chance to increase your bonus winnings as well which makes this strategy viable. The downside of this strategy is that it isn’t as exciting as some of the others however the high RTP percentage probability is enough for the conservative gambler to enjoy.

    The Gamblers preferred Crazy Time Strategy

    The logic around only betting on the bonus games are sound as the bonus games have some of the highest  multipliers available in the Crazy Time game. Big multipliers means big winnings. We have seen a fair share of punters be successful following this strategy.  Remember the minimum bet is R1 so be sure to try out this strategy with the R1 option first before increasing the stakes.

    The bonus games also have a theoretical return to player (RTP) of between 94.3% and 95.7% which is fantastic considering the numbers options RTP are between 95.73% and 96.08%. We would recommend to start with this strategy as the thrilling nature of hitting some of these bonuses are exiting and very entertaining.

    Where to play Crazy Time

    Crazy Time is available at all South African bookmakers that offer the Evolution casino games, we recommend playing with the following tried and tested sites;

    Crazy Time Live Game

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    Crazy Time Live Game Features

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    • 4 Bonus Games
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    Crazy Time Live Game Basics

    • Game Type : Gameshows, Lucky Wheel
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

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