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    Twain Sport Guide – How to Bet and More

    Twain Sport is a new betting product from the minds behind the popular Betgames, one of the most popular betting games in South Africa. Twain Sport is currently available on Hollywoodbets and Betway, which offer the T-Basket game. T-Basket is an innovative head-to-head game organized by Hybrid Sports League. Two athletes compete on a court to score the most points for a win. Eight players compete in a single tournament and one player who wins both games in the knock-out stage becomes the winner of the tournament, and you can bet on various markets during the head-to-head matches, starting from as little as R1 a bet.

    How Twain Sport Works

    There are two half courts, side by side, with a basket and four ball racks in each. Two players have 60 seconds to compete. Players can take a ball only from the illuminated rack, which is randomly selected by a computer. The sequence for both players is identical. Each shot if worth either 1, 2 or 3 points, which is also randomly selected by a computer.

    The sequence for value points is randomly generated for every game. However, the two athletes don‘t know the value of each shot, or the result during the game. Once the 60 seconds pass, the players can take the last shot from the illuminated rack. Players find out the winner after the game. If the result is a tie, the winner is decided based on:

    a) The player with better shooting accuracy.
    b) The player with a higher ranking.

    Player rank is determined by ELO rating system. There are eight players in two groups competing in an one-hour length tournament. The best two athletes from each group advance to the playoffs where A group winner faces B group runner-up and B group winner faces A group runner-up. Semifinal winners compete in a single-game final.

    If two or more players have the same number of wins in the group stage, they will be sorted by following criteria taking records from the group stage into account:

    a) Winning percentage;
    b) Win-loss record between the tied players;
    c) Shooting accuracy in the group stage;
    d) Points scored in the group stage;
    e) Higher ranking.

    How to place a bet on Twain Sport

    1. Login to your Betway or Hollywoodbets account
    2. Make a deposit to your account if needed
    3. Select a betting category and choose the outcome of the game
    4. Enter your stake in the bet slip
    5. Press the “PLACE BET” button
    6. A message “Bet accepted” will appear after your bet is placed

    Betting Markets available

    There is a wide variety of different markets available for betting on Twain Sport on Hollywoodbets and Betway;


    The two-way market always includes a tiebreaker

    Market Name

    Match winner


    Handicap betting offers you the opportunity to bet on the outcome of an event where one player has been given a number of points to start. Bets are settled after adjusting for the handicaps. If both players score the same point value, bets placed on Handicap Markets will not result in a tiebreaker.

    Market Name

    Handicaps – 1.5/+1.5

    Who will score first?

    Bettors can place bets on which player they think will score first. In cases where nobody scores, the bets are voided and the funds are returned to the bettors. If both players scores at the same time the bets will be voided and returned to players

    Market Name

    Who will score first? – Player 1/Player2

    Race to X points

    Bettors can place wagers and predict which player will be the first to score X points (e.g., X = 5, 10, or 15 points, etc.). If neither player scores the predicted X points, the bets are voided and the funds are returned to bettors. If players score the same value of points all bets will be voided and returned to bettors.

    Market Name

    Race to X points – Player 1/Player 2

    Total Match Points

    Bettors place bets on whether the total points scored in the match will be over or under X points.

    Market Name

    Match Total Points – Over/Under
    Player 1 Total Points – Over/Under
    Player 2 Total Points – Over/Under
    Bettors place bets on whether the total amount of points scored in the match or by player will be an odd or even number.
    Total Points – Odd/Even
    Player 1 Total Points – Odd/Even
    Player 2 Total Points – Odd/Even

    Bettors can place bets on numbers and values generated on Twain Sport point by point timeline.

    First scored value

    Bettors place bets on the first scored value of any player during the game.

    Market Name

    First scored value 1/2/3
    Bettors place bets on whether the first scored value will be an odd or even number.

    Market Name

    First scored value – Odd/Even
    Bettors place bets on the combined value of first three or five values scored.

    Market Name

    Total of first 3 generated values – X number
    Total of first 3 generated values
    Total of first 3 generated values – Odd/Even
    Total of first 5 generated values – X number
    Total of first 5 generated values
    Total of first 5 generated values – Odd/Even
    Most generated or tied for the most value – 1/2/3 or 1&2/1&3/2&3
    First generated value – 1/2/3


    Tournament winner
    Group winner
    Player to finish in the TOP 4
    Player to play in the Final
    Tournament winner comes from Group
    Player to advance to playoffs

    The Gambler’s Verdict on Twain Sport

    Twain Sport is a very interesting online betting game, we’ve never seen anything like this in South Africa. It’s fun to take a few bets on the players, and watch the game unfold on the live stream, so much better than virtual sports. We’re not sure how popular it will be in South Africa, but it certainly appeals to those looking to bet on real sports that have a quick turn around. It’s definitely worth having a look at.


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