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    Lithuania Jega 6/30 Guide

    Should you have an interest in placing bets on international lotteries, then this is yet another lotto available through South African online bookies. The Lithuania Jega 6/30 Lotto provides exciting opportunities to win significant sums of money, with draws conducted every day from Monday to Saturday, except for Sunday. Jega 6/30 is available at most South African bookmakers who offer lucky numbers betting and in this guide we are going to have a closer look at how the Lithuania Jega 6/30 works, as well as some of the odds on offer for players.

    What is the Lithuania Jega 6/30?

    As the name implies, the game is all about predicting the results of the drawing of 6 numbers plus a bonus ball from a pool of 30 numbers. This is a single ball set game as is with other South Africa lotto games that involve such. The draws close each day from Monday to Saturday at 1945 hrs, with results being available from 2200 hrs. These can be viewed from various South African sports betting websites such as Betway, Hollywoodbets or the Lithuania Jega website.


    Types of bets you can place on the Lithuania Jega 6/30 Lotto

    As this lotto involves a set of 30 balls, the odds of the bets you can place are lower than that of other lotto games such as UK49. However, since the pool is smaller, it also enhances your chances of making correct predictions and therefore winning the game. 

    Through various bookies such as Hollywoodbets, you can place the following bets on the Lithuania Jega 6/30 Lotto game:

    • 4 Balls (Main Set+ Bonus) at odds 3
    • 3 Balls (Main Set + Bonus) at odds 16
    • 1 Bonus ball at odds 25
    • 2 Balls (Main set + Bonus) at odds 100
    • 1 Ball (Main Set + Bonus) at odds 650

    There are also additional betting options available on bookies like Betway, where you can bet on total sum, odd / even and many other markets.

    The Gambler’s Final thoughts on Lithuania Jega

    The Lithuania Jega 6/30 is another exciting opportunity for local punters to place bets on international lotteries through local online bookies. This lotto brings about fun 6 days of the week from a Monday to a Saturday. As it involves a smaller pool of numbers, the odds are slightly shorter when compared with other lotteries. This however implies that the odds of winning are even much better. This is a recommended lottery for those who prefer to take a bit of caution when it comes to the lottery. It is still advisable to make use of small stakes, just as is with any other lottery game. Be sure to visit The Gambler for more on lotto and lucky numbers betting.

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