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    Mochina Fafi Numbers Guide

    Fafi, more commonly known in the townships as Mo-china, is one of the most popular forms of gambling in South African townships, especially Gauteng. Fafi or Mo-china is a form of mobile lottery where punters bet on which number will be drawn by selecting a number between 1 and 36. Although township people bet small amounts, the potential for winning is great as each number is paid at odds of 28/1. Corner/spaza shop owners play the role of a bookie, also known as the runner, they usually take bets three times a day, morning, afternoon, and in the evening. Once all bets have been taken by the runner, the draw is done inside a luxury car with tinted windows that can be spotted cruising around the townships, the driver of the car is known as Mo-china.

    The store owner or runner is employed to collect all bets and distribute the winnings. The runner collects bets on a board numbered from 1 to 36. To prevent any manipulation from the runner, Mo-china holds up the number drawn so the punters can see what is the winning number. Six numbers are usually blocked and no bets can be placed on these numbers, these are numbers which have been drawn in the previous three rounds.

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    Where does Fafi come from?

    The exact origins of this lottery-style game is unknown, however, this game has many ties to the Chinese community in South Africa.

    How do players choose their numbers?

    Players don’t always choose numbers randomly, there’s usually a good reason why a punter will bet on a specific number, and that reason, most of the time, is a dream. Numbers 1-5 carry a specific meaning, as shown below:

    1 – King, human blood, white man, left eye
    2 – monkey, native, a spirit, chief, copper, money, jockey
    3 – sea water, accident, frog, sailor, sex
    4 – dead man, turkey, small fortune, bed
    5 – tiger, fight, strong man

    Amongst the black culture, and probably many other cultures around the world, dreams carry meaning and significance in the real world. Their interpretation and meaning is taken seriously, hence why punters wont dismiss dreams as just that, but rather take it communication from the other side.

    How is the winning number drawn?

    Many punters have confirmed that they do not know how the draw is done or how the winning number is selected. Many have speculated that Mo-china himself determines what the winning number is with full knowledge of what bets have been placed.

    Many punters seem to not have a problem with this as they feel this is a fair way of determining the winning number.

    Mo-china numbers and meaning

    1 King Human blood, white man, left eye
    2 Monkey Native, spirit chief, copper money, jockey
    3 Sea Water Accident, frog, sex, sailor
    4 Dead Man Turkey, small fortune, bed
    5 Tiger Fight, strong man
    6 Ox Blood Gentleman, milk
    7 Lion Thief, big stick, chickens
    8 Pig Drunken man, loafer, fat man, Chinese king
    9 Moon Baby, hole, owl, devil, anything round, pumpkin
    10 Eggs Train, boat, grave, anything oval
    11 Carriage Wood, tree, furniture, bicycle, flowers
    12 Dead Woman Ducks, small fire, Chinese Queen
    13 Big Fish Ghosts, spirits
    14 Old Woman Fox, detective, nurse, native woman
    15 Bad Woman Prostitute, canary, white house, small knife
    16 Small House Coffin, pigeon, letter, young woman, paper money
    17 Diamond Woman Queen, pearls, diamonds, star, worms, white woman
    18 Silver Money Servant girl, right eye, butterfly, hook, rain
    19 Little Girl Smoke, bread, big bird, left hand
    20 Cat Hankerchief, body, music, minister, naked woman
    21 Old Man Stranger, fisherman, knife, elephant, nose, teeth
    22 Bats Motor car, big ship, left foot, shoes
    23 Horse Doctor, head, hair, crown
    24 Mouth Wild cat, vixen, lioness, purse
    25 Big House Church, boxer, hospital
    26 Bees Big crown, bad man, big bush, geeral funeral, mad man
    27 Dog Policeman, newborn baby, medicines, sad news
    28 Sardines Small fish, thief, night, foot, sulemene, surprise, small baby
    29 Small Water Coffin, rain, tears, big knife, right hand
    30 Fowl Graveyard, Indian, threat, forest
    31 Big Fire Bishop, excitement, guinea fowl, fig, big spirit, woman, feathers
    32 Gold Money Dirty woman, snake
    33 Little Boy Spider
    34 Meat Human dung, anything dirty, sick woman, honey, cripple, tramp
    35 Clothes Sheep, big hole, big grave
    36 Shrimp Stick, admiral, gun, cigar

    How do I bet on Lucky Numbers?

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    What Bet Types can I bet on?

    Lucky Numbers has various Bet Types you can bet on making the possibilities of winning endless.

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