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    Your Guide to the SA Lottery, Powerball and Daily Lotto

    The game of lotto has been popular in South Africa since its introduction some 20 years back. After changing various operating hands, the lottery is now run by Ithuba since 2014 and presently offers punters opportunities to win massive jackpots on one of the various draws. For those not familiar with how lotto works, it involves the prediction of the ball numbers that are drawn from a pool of balls that vary in quantity with the type of lotto. In this guide we take a look at the main three types of lotto in South Africa, Lotto, Powerball, and Daily Lotto, with an emphasis on the general style of play, fixtures, and results.

    Where to play the SA Lotto

    It’s quick and easy to get started playing the SA Lotto, many punters prefer to play lotto locally at an approved Ithuba National Lottery outlet, located through out South Africa at various retailers. You can also play lottery online through the National Lottery Website or through making use of the National Lottery App. Another popular place to play the lotto is at a sports betting site, or bookmaker. Betting sites like Hollywoodbets, Betway and others offer lucky number betting, which offers many more options than traditional lotto betting.

    Lotto App

    The official South African National Lottery App can be used to play National Lottery games, to check results, locate your nearest retailer, top-up your wallet and to find out how to play all the Lottery games. You can download the App for Android mobile and tablet from the South African National Lottery app download page. They’ve also got a handy guide that explains how to install it.

    Those using IOS can download the SA Lotto App from the IOS App Store. Visit the IOS App Store.

    SA Lotto

    This is quite a popular type of lotto that requires punters to make a selection of 6 balls out of a pool of 52. There is also a bonus number that is available to enhance the overall chances of winning. To play, punters have two options:

    • To either use a manually completed bet slip that is taken to an approved Lotto retailer for payment.
    • Or to use the National Lottery website to select their predicted numbers and subsequently confirm the bet. You can also make use of their mobile app that is downloadable through a link available on the National Lottery website.

    Each board entry will cost you R5. You can also choose to play Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 which give you three chances to win for the same board entry, at an additional cost of R2.50 for each.

    Sa Lotto draw times

    SA Lotto draws are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday. You can place bets on Lotto before 8.30 pm on the day of a draw.

    SA Lotto Draws

    SA Lotto Draws are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday at 2056 hrs and are done live on SABC 2. The draws are done in consecutive order, i.e., Lotto first, followed by Lotto Plus 1 and then Lotto Plus 2. Each draw involves the drawing of 6 balls plus an additional 7th ball refereed to as the bonus ball. The winners are divided into 8 prize pools according to the following criteria and odds. Prize pools from 1 to 6 are split equally amongst the winners in that pool, whilst pools 7 and 8 are fixed at R50 and R20 each.


    The SA Lotto winning numbers can be accessed from the National Lottery website soon after the completion of the draw, usually by no later than 9.15 pm on the night of the draw. Additionally, the results are also published on social media pages including Facebook and Twitter.


    Powerball is also another exciting lotto from Ithuba. It involves the prediction of a total of 6 numbers selected as 5 numbers from grid 1 to 50, and an additional single Powerball number selected from a grid of 20 numbers 1-20. To enter this competition, one has to either make use of the manual bet slips that are available from an approved lottery retailer or make us of the National Lottery website. Punters may also select to make use of the Quick Pick option that randomly selects the numbers for you.

    Each board entry costs you R5, and there is no limit to the number of board entries that one can get. However, the maximum bet for a single ticket is R2, 000. To increase one’s chances of winning, you can also opt for Powerball Plus, which requires an extra R2.50 for each entry.

    Powerball Draw Times

    Ticket sales for Powerball close at 8.30 pm on the day of a draw which happens every Tuesday and Friday night.

    Powerball Draws

    The draws for Powerball are conducted every Tuesday and Friday night at around 2058 hrs on Mzansi Magic and NewzRoom Africa. The winners are classified into 9 winning pools based on the number of correct predictions made. The prize for pools 1 to 7 are shared amongst the winners in that pool and rolled over if there is no winner. There is a fixed win for pools 8 and 9, with winds of R15 and R10 each, respectively. The table below further illustrates the mechanics of the prize pool winnings.

    Latest Powerball Results

    The latest Powerball results can be accessed through checking the ticket at National Lottery retailers, through their website, or on their social media pages.

    Daily Lotto

    SA Daily Lotto is an interesting offering that makes lotto available everyday – yes, there is an incredible chance every day to win massive loads of money. This lotto allows punters to predict 5 numbers out of a pool of 36. Bets can also be placed by making use of the options of manually filling in a bet slip and making payment at an approved Lotto retailer or making use of the National Lottery website or app for selecting and placing bets.

    You can also make use of the Quick Pick option to randomly make selections. Every single entry will cost you a total of R3. 00 and there are no limits to the number of entries you can make. However, the maximum price for a bet is limited to R150 per ticket.

    Draw Times

    Daily Lotto is played every day, and bets can be placed every day up to 30 minutes before the draws take place.


    The draws of Daily Lotto are conducted every day (except for Christmas) by making use of a Random Number Generator. The prizes are divided into 4 winning pools that are awarded according to the criteria.

    Daily Lotto Results

    Once the draws have been published, they can be checked through the National Lottery website, National Lottery social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, or through visiting a retail shop to check if the ticket was a winner.

    The Gamblers Verdict on Playing the SA Lotto

    The South African National Lottery Operator, Ithuba, has some lotto games that each provide exciting opportunities to win massive jackpots. Punters may choose between the Daily Lotto, Lotto, or Powerball lotto, ensuring every day betting action. The odds of winning are low, and we advise punters to make use of sensible stakes. Those who enjoy the SA Lotto will also enjoy betting on lucky numbers and Betgames, as they offer much more frequent games and betting options, however if you are after the big one then the SA Lotto is the way to go.

    Visit The Gambler for more on lotto betting, casino games and sports betting in South Africa.

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