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    How to bet on Sportstake

    Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 are popular soccer prediction games that can result in the winning huge pool prizes. The games are offered by Ithuba, which itself is legally registered as the National Lottery Operator in South Africa. The games involve the prediction of the outcome of results of soccer matches from selected leagues worldwide at full time in the case of Sportstake 13, or the end of each half in the case of Sportstake 8. In this article, we take a look at how these games operate, how to play them, applicable tips, and where to access the published results of such games.

    Sportstake 13

    Sportstake 13 is a soccer prediction game that involves the correct prediction of the outcome of a set of 13 football fixtures that are spread across various leagues in the world. The three possible outcomes are Home Win (1), Draw (X), or Away win, and these are considered as the results at the end of 90 minutes of each game. 

    To play in this game, you can choose between two approaches for placing bets. The first, which involves the visiting of a physical lotto retailer, requires you to complete your fixture prediction on the bet slip, and take it along to the retailer for payment and processing. Each entry costs you R2, and the maximum stake you can place is R2, 000. You will be then issued with a payment receipt on which you need to write your name and details at the back.

    Option two makes use of the national lottery website, in which you log in and follow a set of instructions to fund your account and place bets. You will be able to select your desired outcome for each fixture, and for multiple selections on a single fixture, this is considered as multiple entries and will require an additional fee of R2 for each outcome. You will then proceed to add the slip to your cart for checkout and payment. Punters can also make use of the Propick option that automatically selects the outcome based on past matches and an element of randomness.

    How then are the prizes awarded? Well, Sportstake 13 draws are conducted every Monday and Friday before 0900 hours. The total winning pool includes a share of the total bets for that particular Sportstake 13 fixture set and any remaining/carried over funds from the previous draw. Winners are considered to have correctly predicted the outcome of 13 matches, and either getting 13, 12, 11, or 10 of the results correct. The winnings are awarded according to the following criteria:

    Additional carryover rules listed below apply if there are no winners in a certain pool, and these rules are summarised as follows:

    • Winning Prize Division 1 – If there are no winners in Division 1, then the Prize Pool for this Division shall be rolled over to the next Draw’s corresponding Division.
    • Winning Prize Division 2 – If there are no winners in this division, then the Prize Pool rolls down to the lower Divisions. These funds will be rolled down on a 50/50 basis between divisions 3 and 4.
    • Winning Prize Division 3 – Should there be no winners in this division, then the prizes will be rolled over to the 4th Division.

    Sportstake 13 Tips

    Sportstake is a game that involves some long odds considering the total number of outcomes required to make a winning. The following tips are recommended if you are to make any significant inroads in making a successful win:

    • Management of stake – The minimum fee of R2 is applicable for each entry, and punters can go all the way as high as R2, 000. Punters should place bets wisely, preferably not more than 0.5% of their bankroll.
    • Do not use Propick – Sportstake 13 can be played using Propick, an algorithm that makes use of previous results with an element of randomness. It is highly advisable not to use Propick but conduct proper research.
    • Find out more on the fixtures – Whilst Sportstake involves 13 teams from selected leagues, it is important to conduct very wide research looking at statistics, and other related information that would be useful before placing bets. In the case of an unsure outcome, you can select up to 3 outcomes (for an extra minimum R2 for each additional entry).
    • Valid bet – A valid Sportstake 13 bet should contain at least one outcome per each fixture.

    Sportstake 13 Results

    The results of Sportstake fixtures are published on the National Lottery website. These may be accessed through the Results Tab in the menu bar. All previous results of each Sportstake fixture are available from this tab. Should be interested, more results can be accessed via the Historical results menu button. 

    Sportstake 13 Fixtures

    Sportstake 13 fixtures are published on the Ithuba website and are available when you click the Sportstake 13 tab from the Play Now menu option. In the event that there are no available fixtures, you will be notified accordingly.

    Sportstake 8

    Sportstake 8 is also another interesting offering from Ithuba National Lottery. It is a soccer result prediction game that involves the correct prediction of the outcomes of the first and second halves of a list of 8 teams. These teams are selected from several leagues across the world. The game is played by making use of a standard bet slip in which the punter marks the outcome of each half as Home Win (1), Draw (X), or away win (2). The result of a half is considered to be the score at the end of each 45-minute interval. If you are playing using a physical bet slip, you would need to physically take it to the shop and get a receipt for your payment. It is important to write your name at the back of the awarded slip.

    It is also possible for punters to play this game online on the National Lottery website and following the necessary prompts to deposit your money and play games just as is in the case of Sportstake 13.

    Sportstake 8 draws are conducted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday/Saturday. The winners are awarded prizes in pools according to the following criteria:

    • Prize Division 1 –16 correct predictions of all first and second half results for all of the 8 matches. The winners in this category share 40 % of the total win pool funds. If there is no winner, the funds are rolled over to the next draw.
    • Prize Division 2 – 15 correct predictions. The winners in this category share a total of 20 % of the total win pool funds. If there is no winner, the funds are split equally between the lower Prize Divisions 3 and 4.
    • Prize Division 3 – 14 correct predictions. The winners in this category share a total of 15 % of the prize pool. If there are no winners, the funds are rolled to Division 4.
    • Prize Division 4 – 13 correct predictions. The winners in this category win 25 % of the
    • prize pool money.

    Sportstake 8 Tips

    To maximise tour chances of winning, it is essential to make use of the following tips.

    • Stake wisely – Sportstake involves the prediction of the correct outcome of each half for a set of 8 teams. The odds of making it to any winning pool are quite long. It is advisable to make use of low stakes.
    • Do research – When the Sportstake fixture is published, we highly advise you to conduct proper research to establish the outcome of the match. You should focus on form, injury list, upcoming fixtures, and other related items which may have an impact on the outcome of the match.
    • Avoid using Propick – Whilst National Lottery offer you an option of using Propick to select your prediction, we do not recommend you using it. Propick makes use of past fixtures and results and introducing an element of randomness rather than using a methodical approach

    Sportstake 8 Results

    The results of the previous outcomes of Sportstake 8 matches are listed and available on the National Lottery website, and can be accessed by clicking the results menu option, and selecting Sportstake. The results are listed in the order of the first and second half. The pool prize winnings for each division are also listed at the bottom of the results. Should you be interested, you can also access historical results by clicking on the historical results tab/button option.

    Sportstake Fixtures

    Sportstake 8 fixtures are published on the Ithuba website and are available when you click the Sportstake 8 tab from the Play Now menu option. 

    Sportstake is Great!

    Both Sportstake 13 and Sportstake 8 are exciting soccer prediction games that require punters to correctly predict the outcome of selected matches. This offering from Ithuba National Lottery offers exciting prospects of winning huge pool prizes, albeit, and very long odds. We advise punters to stake sensible, do a lot of research, and avoid the use of Propick for making selections. It is a recommended set of games for punters who would want to enjoy the thrill of watching weekend or midweek football fixtures with an added prospect of winning considerable sums of money.

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