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    Hollywoodbets Golden Race Games

    Hollywoodbets continue to amaze by giving innovative products. No wonder they continue to be one of the best bookies in South Africa. The latest offerings are from the gaming developer Golden Race, which is an assortment of live virtual games as is with Betgames. Golden Race has gone miles with virtual gaming – they were awarded an award for the best virtual sports provider in parts of Europe by the CEEG, SEG, and BSG awards. The games available on Hollywoodbets include options such as Mega 7, Spin 2 Wheels, Keno and Super 7. But how much fun do they offer? Let’s look at them in more detail.

    How to Access the Golden Race games on Hollywoodbets

    To access these games, simply look for the Golden Race Live games menu option from the home page screen if you are using a mobile device. Simply click on the icon, and you will be led to choose amongst the current Golden Race Live games.

    Mega 7

    Mega 7 is a fixed-odds game that is based on a lottery and involves the placing of bets on the outcome of the random draw process of 7 balls out of a pool of 49. The game is streamed live, with the 49 balls being split as 25 white balls and 24 pink ones. The sequence of the game involves a window for placing bets, followed by the drawing of the balls and then final publication of the draw results. Earlier results draw can also be accessed and can be sorted according to various desired criteria such as date, game, and others. In terms of bet sizes, punters can place bets between R1 and R500.

    Mega 7 Betting Options

    With Mega7, you can place the following types of bets

    • Number bets – these are bets placed on the predicted ball numbers after the draw has been completed. The odds vary from 1.1 to as high as 10, 000 if you make the correct prediction of all numbers on the 7 balls. As odds are high, you would need to stake sensibly here.
    • Colour bets – You have a choice of placing bets on the colours and combinations of the drawn balls, with odds varying from 1.8 to 220. This is where you can also strike some wins.
    • Sum bets – in this case, you can place bets for over and under totals, with odds varying from 1.1 to 21. Again, this is a place where you can get some decent form of winnings for totals of under 175.5.
    • Count – These are bets placed on the number of a certain type of balls to be under or over a certain count. The odds, in this case, vary from 1.1 to 16.
    • Even/Odd Bets – as the name implies, these bets are placed on the type of numbers (even/odd), and most odds in this section are 1.8 or 1.9

    Spin 2 Wheels

    As the name implies, this game will require you to place bets on the outcome of the spinning of two wheels which segments having numbers and characters. You can decide to place bets on both or each of the wheels. The first wheel segments are numbered from 1 to 36 in green, yellow and blue colours, plus an added segment containing a star in black. The second wheel consists of segments numbered from 1 to 18, plus a star in black.

    Spin 2 Wheels Betting Options

    With Spin 2 wheels on Hollywoodbets Golden Race, you can place bets on the following:

    • Numbers – these are bets on the predicted number outcome of both or either of the two wheels. The odds, in this case, are x36 for the big wheel, and 18 for the small wheel. If you are feeling lucky, these are the bets to place your money on. However, we advise that you manage your stakes and only limit the bets to small amounts as the odds of winning here are very low.
    • Colour of segments – these are bets that are placed on the colour of the segments after the spinning process. The odds for this category range from 2 to 18.
    • Range – You can also place bets on the range of the number outcome with odds mostly between 2 and 3.
    • Even/odd numbers – These are bets placed on the outcome of the numbers as either odd or even. Odds vary from 2 to 36.


    Keno is quite a popular game that has many variants and provides some exiting fun and chances to make money. In this game, you can simply place bets on the outcome of the random draw of 20 balls out of a pool of 80 balls. You can place bets on up to 8 numbers from the 20 that will be drawn. The games come in thick and fast, and players can make use of the past results to predict the outcome of the next draw. We’re sure that this will be one of the most popular Golden Race games on Hollywoodbets due to the popularity of Keno betting in South Africa.

    Keno Betting Options

    The bets that you can place here only include the number of balls predicted, with odds as high as 2000. You will be extremely lucky to get all eight balls correct. The smallest bet allowed is R1, whilst the max bet is R5,000.

    Super 7

    This game is also based on a lottery, and it involves the prediction of the numbers on 7 balls that are drawn from a pool of 42. The 42 balls are each coloured in red and white. The game process involves placing bets, followed by drawing the balls and then publication of the results. You can select the stake amount between R1 and R5, 000 in this game. So what markets can you place bets on?

    Super 7 Betting Options

    You can place the following bets:

    • Number bets – Here you place bets on the various possibilities of number outcomes, with odds varying from as low as 1.15 to 7000. You can realise some good value by placing bets on the 3 numbers which will not be drawn for odds of 1.65.
    • Colour bets – You can also choose to place bets on the colour of the balls, with odds varying from 1.9 to 210.
    • Sum of balls – These are bets placed on the totals of the 8 numbers to be under or over a certain total with odds varying from 1.2 to 20.
    • Count – varying from 1.03 to 4.55
    • Even/odd – Here, you can place bets on whether the numbers are odd or even. The odds vary from 1.9 to 3.7

    The Gamblers Verdict on the Hollywoodbets Golden Race Games

    The new Hollywoodbets Golden Race live games present exciting and wider opportunities for punters who prefer fast-moving games to place bets on. With games coming in 24 hrs, you have more choice on top of traditional live games such as Betgames or even online casino games. The Golden Race games on offer are mostly based on lottery games, and therefore may involve some long odds. We recommend that you stake sensibly, but ultimately they are very fun to play.


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    Hollywoodbets continue to impress through their revamped desktop site, an impressive selection of sports and other betting options such as the Aviator game, Casino games, Spina Zonke Slots, Lucky numbers, and many others.

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