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How to Win the Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets – Tips and Strategies

The Aviator game has taken Hollywoodbets and Spina Zonke by storm, with hundreds of players looking to hit a big multiplier before the plane flies off. With a max win of up to R2 million, the aviator game can be life-changing when betting from as little as R1 a round. In this guide, we are going to take a look at a few tips and strategies you can employ to help you get a better return on your aviator bets. If you’re new to the game we recommend you first have a read through our how to play the Aviator game guide as you’ll need an understanding of the game in order to follow our Aviator tips and Strategies. So strap yourself in and let’s take to the skies with some tips and tricks.

Some of the Aviator’s Top Features

Before we dive into our tips, the Aviator game has plenty of unique features, which make it stand out. Some of these are:

  • In-game chat this is a place where you can chat with other players, or see the chat log, which shows the player that won the most cash in each round.
  • The Live Bets bar on the left shows the amount other players’ wagered and their winnings. This feature is very useful for gathering information about other players.
  • Live statistics can be filtered between all bets, your favourites, and top bets.
  • Free bets slows you to claim free bets from other players by clicking the Claim button.
  • 2 Players means you can play with a friend on the same phone with each player able to bet individually and cash-out individually – We rate this feature 5 out of 5.

Demo Mode vs Live Mode

We have tried the Demo Mode on the Spribe site, and although it is great to get to play the game for free and is excellent for testing out strategies, it does not simulate the adrenaline and excitement that goes along with the live game when wagering actual money.

Watching others play and comment is a huge part of the experience which is not available, for obvious reasons, on the demo. We found ourselves glued to the screen, full of smiles, laughter and having so much fun playing the live game with the ever present live comments. It is also refreshing to see others play, to see others wager and to see others cash out at various stages of the game. You find the entire crowd vouching you to cash out before the plane flies away especially if you are one of the last players to cash out.

You can even play with a friend on the same phone which is great as you can share your experience instantly, be it a low and a high, and plan some calculated strategies together – Two heads are better than one after all!! Both can play on one phone with each able to bet individually and cash-out individually. We rate this feature 5 out of 5.

Aviator Strategy and Tips

“Fly to Mars by reaching the moon” is our motto when you playing Aviator. The game essentially makes their money by taking your deposit if the plane has flown away and the following 3 words sum up the following strategies perfectly – Greedy, Patience, Endurance.

The first step is to decide what amount you are willing to wager as well as the amount of bets that you want to place, either 1 or 2 bets. The minimum bet amount is R1 and the maximum amount of simultaneous bets are two.

There are various strategies available which differs depending on how many bets you are willing to place but we will cover these separately.

Single Bet Strategies

The Single bet Strategies are most suited for beginners or the conservative gamer. There is nothing wrong with this approach and we would recommend trying the single Bet approach to familiarize yourself with the live game or alternatively, using the free demo mode to try out some of the strategies.

The 1.5X Strategy

This strategy involves making a single bet of any amount, but preferably not too high. The aim is to always cash out at 1.5X on the multiplier regardless if the punter believes the aviator will go higher.

This approach guarantees a 50% profit when the aviator makes the 1.5X multiplier, but patience is key. This strategy aims to make profit slowly with a medium to low risk factor.

Double Up Strategy

This is also a single bet strategy that allows for any bet amount. The reason for the single bet is to limit distractions and gives the punter time to study previous multipliers as well the pattern that seems to be evolving. If you suspect that the plane is going to fly away between 1x to 2x do not bet and wait for a set of 1X or 1.8X multipliers to pass before placing another wager. The punter should always cash out at 2X on the multiplier. This strategy guarantees a 100% profit when the multiplier is achieved with a medium risk factor, so when the streak pulls off it is extremely rewarding and fun.

Aviator Multi Bet Strategies

The 2:1 Strategy

Many punters have great success with the 2:1 strategy. This requires the punter to always place two bets and it needs the stakes to be 2:1. As an example, place a bet of R10 and the second R20. The aim is for the larger bet to cover the smaller bet. The smaller bet is there to make all the profit while carrying zero risk.

As soon as you hit the multiplier bonus of 1.5x then you cash out the larger bet and you will receive R30 which is the total combined wager of R10 + R20 which means even if you lost everything in the next phase of this strategy, then you have already broken even.  This then gives you the opportunity to be as risky as you deem fit and maximize your return without losing money on your second R10 bet.

If you reach a multiplier of 5x with your R10 bet then you would receive a R50 pay out, giving you a total of R50 and your overall profit of R40. The total winnings in the above example will be R30 + R50 which equites to R80 with a profit of R50.

The 1.5x + 2x Multi Bet Strategy

This strategy combines the two single bet strategies where the highest bet is always cashed out at 1.5X and the second lower wager is always cashed out at the 2X multiplier. The highest bet amount shouldn’t be higher than R100 and the second bet amount should not be higher than R50. It is important to look at the history of multipliers and this should preferably be placed once there has been a string of 6 multipliers below 2X. This Strategy is also medium risk however, it is very rewarding when things fall into the punter’s favour. It is key to study the patterns and stop betting once the plane has hit over 10X.

More Hollywoodbets Aviator Tips

Below are some tips that have been posted by other aviator players, and what works for them;

Aviator is simple man, You just need patience and discipline, Don’t be greedy…I use a system called the martingale system on Casino Roulette and I’ve used the same system for Aviator..What you do with this system is to double your bet each time you lose..
So on aviator using this system your target should be 2.00x nothing more..Like I said you’ll need lots of patience BUT the system is guaranteed to make you money..So let’s say you place R5 on the first round and then you lose, the second round you’ll place R10, if you lose again you’ll place R20, if you lose again you’ll go to R40, if your loss you go to R80 when you catch your at 2.00x you’ll get all your losses back and that R5 profit, then you start again..But remember always target 2.00x nothing more, Another tip is that you should wait for blues to come 3 times in a row and then you go in..
It’s a slow system BUT it guarantees you at least R100 – R150 every 30 minutes..You just need to have a Daily Target and be extremely disciplined. I’ve played Aviator for a while now and I’ve never seen 2.00x finish 9 rounds without coming up…Remember you wait for 3 blues to come up and go in with 5 – 10 – 20 – 40 – 80, Your overall float is (155)..You can even start at R2 just to test the waters…2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32 with your overall float being (R62), You’ll take a long time to make money BUT R30-R50 every 30 minutes is a possibility. I currently play with R50 and my daily target is 1k nothing more, It doesn’t matter how quickly I do it, as soon as I make my daily target I go..
So you’ll need lots of patience because as we know people out there make thousands in just 10 minutes, BUT for this system to work for you you’ll need to have a daily target and the discipline to move away till tomorrow.

The Gamblers verdict on how to win the Aviator game

To win the Aviator game you need to have a healthy balance and a good staking strategy, as well as a target win amount in mind. You’ll need to be either be patient or aggressive while playing, and both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. We also recommend you check out our list of the best betting sites to play the Aviator on.

The 2:1 Multi Bet Strategy is the strategy that we had some great success with. We also found that keeping the bets smaller showed greater success. The mathematics definitely makes sense and it also allows for fun to be had by pushing the second bet as hard you think you can without trying to go bust and when it pulls off, it feels great and is a lot of fun. It is still worth noting the need to study the patterns and historical multipliers.


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Aviator Features

  • Max Win R5 Million
  • Exciting and fun
  • Fast rounds and Auto Cash Out
  • Cash out at anytime
  • Bet from as little as R1
  • Author : The Gambler

Aviator Basics

  • Game Type : Virtual Game
  • Software : Spribe

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27 Responses to “How to Win the Aviator Game on Hollywoodbets – Tips and Strategies”

  1. Auto cashout option did not kick in on few occasions that led to me losing a couple of my bets, eg one I bet a certain amount on 1.50, auto cash out but it went as 1.87 though I have lot. How does it happen?

  2. I made alot of money by playing this aviator I was able to pay off my debt, can I know something about this flying aviator, is it programmed or there is an operator?

  3. Queen P. That game is very simple the thing is you must cash out early and do not bet every round. Also check aviator history it will help you. There are times where aviator is dangerous to play and there are times where it is giving away alot of cash.

  4. this game is very fun, but i believe there is an operator …why everytime we increase our bets it flyes away.
    and the take off this is not fair, it should flactuate everytime not just fly by a take off. if it was fair then sometimes it was gonna start straight at 4x or even 10x

  5. Can someone’s help m how to play or how read the patterns I been loosing since I stated this game please any one can help I will b happy am not working I thought of it was going to easy to make money for my children

  6. THIS GAME makes many people homeless guys what is important is discipline when make profit please leave or stop a while. problem with use we want to make millions of money at a single day who does that? i have the friend of mine who started with K50 at few hours he make k950 that’s k900 profit, he continue playing and change stakes K50 and K100. You know what happed? all the monies he lost.

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