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Hot Hot Fruit Winning Strategy | Tips For Winning South Africa’s Biggest Online Slot Game

Winning big on online slots in South Africa like Hot Hot Fruit requires a lot of luck. But other roads to victory can involve planning, patience and fully understanding how the game works. While no Hot Hot Fruit winning strategy will change the randomness of the game, a mindful and consistent approach can put you well on your way to a big payout!

We recommend testing as many Hot Hot Fruit winning strategies as you can to find one that resonates with your playing style. But be realistic, these tips won’t make you win Hot Hot Fruit every time you play. The recipe for success depends on the goals you set for yourself, so when choosing a Hot Hot Fruit winning strategy, think about what might work best for you and – most importantly – remember there are no guarantees!

What is the trick to win Hot Hot fruit?

This is the million-dollar question if there ever was one! There are many ways to earn payouts in Hot Hot Fruit, but the trick to winning big is to unlock the Hot Hot Feature. This randomly triggered feature doubles all symbols on the screen, aside from the “7” which counts as three symbols. Free Spins are another trick to win Hot Hot Fruit. Activate these by matching three or more Wilds horizontally on a line. What’s even better, your Hot Hot Fruit Free Games doubles to 12 Free Spins if you land a row of Wilds going from both left to right and right to left on the screen!

How is the Hot Hot Fruit feature triggered?

Unlike many slot features which are unlocked by landing certain combinations of symbols on the reels, triggering the Hot Hot Feature all comes down to randomness and luck! This feature can unlock on any random spin no matter how much you bet or what appears on the screen. The best you can do is cross your fingers and hope that the Spina Zonke gods will bless you with at least one Hot Hot Feature that can help turn any playing session into one that pays big! 

Enter the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race

One foolproof Hot Hot Fruit winning strategy is to play during the Spina Zonke Jackpot Race from 8:30 pm until 10:30 pm every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. During the Jackpot Race, up to R1 million in cash prizes are awarded to as many as 700 players. To enter, simply bet R2 or more on any qualifying games which include Hot Hot Fruit. The players who place a bet closest to the randomly selected time win a cash prize. These cash prizes are awarded in addition to any other wins you generate while playing which drastically increases your chances of getting money!

Play 200 Spins or More

Hot Hot Fruit, like many other online slots in South Africa, sometimes takes a while to start paying out. Another suggested Hot Hot Fruit winning strategy is to make your bet size small enough to give you at least 200 spins on the game. More spins equate to more winning opportunities, and even if your stakes are small, landing a Hot Hot Feature or Free Spins can still result in a big payout from a small stake if lady luck is on your side!

Spin on Multiple Betting Sites

Some slots just aren’t in the mood to pay out. Hopping from one site to another to play Hot Hot Fruit can help turn your luck from cold to blazing hot. We strongly recommend you sign up with multiple bookmakers so you can play Hot Hot Fruit on all of them – not to mention claim multiple Bonuses and Free Spins, plus have a lot more games to choose from!

Choose the Right Hot Hot Fruit Winning Time

Ever heard people say that timing is everything? In the world of online slots, certain times can be luckier to play Hot Hot Fruit than others. So what is the best Hot Hot Fruit winning time? Some believe that early morning or late-night sessions bring better fortune, while others swear by midday play. While there’s no definitive proof of these theories, we have a whole series of Hot Hot Fruit best times to play to go and try for yourself!

Hot Hot Fruit Strategy Demo

With so many Hot Hot Fruit winning strategies floating around, who can be trusted? Well, sometimes seeing is believing! In the Hot Hot Fruit strategy demo video below, you can see our favourite Hot Hot Fruit winning strategy in action where we land a jaw-dropping win! We won’t give anything anyway here and will rather let you watch and see for yourself how we won R19,840 playing Hot Hot Fruit on LottoStar!

Juicy Takeaways

Sometimes all you need is a bit of luck to go on a hot streak! But other times, you need a better Hot Hot winning strategy to bring in the bucks. Hopefully what we’ve provided you with here is enough to get you started with a few Hot Hot winning strategies and you can find what works for you and go from there! 

Whether it’s about unlocking the right features, choosing the perfect time to play or learning by example from Hot Hot Fruit strategy demo videos, we suggest you try it all! Keep experimenting with Hot Hot Fruit winning strategies until you find the one that works best for you. Because your next big win could be just around the corner!

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