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    Aviator Strategies and Tips to Win Big

    Aviator is one of the most popular games for punters to bet small but win big on. The game has the chance to throw out some huge multipliers, and if you can hold your nerve you could be in for a big payout. If you haven’t tried the game then we recommend you check out our how to play the Aviator game guide, because in this article, we will explore some of the strategies we believe work best when playing Aviator on Hollywoodbets, or Aviator on Sportingbet. We also look at a couple of tips and tricks that The Gambler believes will be to your benefit when playing Aviator.

    2.5 strategy

    We will use hypothetical amounts when explaining these examples and we will use R100 bets. This strategy is pretty straight forward. You wait for 3 blue multipliers to fly in a row(blue multipliers are the 1x ) then you place 2 bets as its 60% sure a purple multiplier will come ( purple multiplier is 2x to 10x).

    This bet is manual so you will have to cash out on your own .Once the plane reaches 2.5x , you cash out the first bet. So you have made a profit of R50 and covered both bets. R100 x 2.5x gives you R250 and you bet was R200. The Gambler would recommend that you need to set a target for the second bet. Once you cash out the first bet,  you will set a target of (I will only cash out the second bet if it reaches 10x or if I make R1000) this is a set target. This bet strategy needs time and you cannot be distracted.

    2 bet strategy on 2x multipliers

    2 bet strategy is very similar to 2.5 bet strategy, with the main difference being that its a bit more conservative and a slightly safer option .You will only make profit on the second plane as cashing out the first plane at 2x only covers the bet for the round. So if you put R100 per bet and cash out the first plane at 2x, you only cover your bet for the round 2x R100 while your stake is R200 for the round.The profit made will come from the second plane. Most people tend to cash out at 3x as this gives you R100 profit. Again, you can decide what your target is per round.

    Martingale or double up strategy

    This strategy is a go big or go home strategy! It’s great if you get many purples in a row, but can also finish you very quickly if there are many blue rounds. Basically, if you lose or the plane flies away at 1x to 1.99x then with the next bet you will double your stake.So if you played R100 per bet and lost, you need to cover R200 for the previous bet and R200 for this round. So you will now bet R200 per bet on the next round. If you lose again, then you need to double again in the next round. You will need to cash out on 4x and above.

    1.10 strategy

    This strategy you need to use the game’s auto play settings.You will put auto cash out on 1.10 .This strategy is long but the rewards are there. You can either play 1 bet or 2 bets. Personally we prefer 1 bet. So you will bet R100 and auto cash at 1.10x, this means you make R10 profit every round it flies to 1.10x. You will notice the plane very rarely flies at 1x. It usually flies at 1.11 upwards. You will play this the whole day and you will be very surprised how quickly you can make a R1000 profit.

    Target strategy

    This works best  with the 2.5 or 2x strategy. You need to set a target for yourself on the second plane. For example, we will not cash out until the plane flies to 5x, translating to R500 profit. Or you can go to 10x and make R1000 profit. Once you practice this strategy and learn discipline, Aviator becomes a really fun game.

    Aviator Side Tips and Tricks & Hacks to note

    1. Always go to the top, then select day. Select huge multipliers and check what time the big pink multipliers have come. This will give you an indication if the current hour had a big multiplier. If it did not give a big multiplier at maybe 2pm and you are at 2h30pm, a pink multiplier will almost certainly come by 3pm. You will also notice the biggest multipliers come between 2am to 4am when the game is empty.
    2. Huge bets are a put off when you see players betting R1000 upwards and the game has over 100 players. We recommend that you stay away during this time as the game will collect. Its common sense to note that betting houses will collect more when there are more people playing and when there are big bets being placed. Betting sites tend to make the plane fly under 2x and you will see many blues in a row. A betting site will not give a 1000x multiplier when there are people staking R1000 to R5000 upwards as they will lose millions.
    3. Under 100 punters – try to play when there are less than 100 people playing. Aviator tends to give higher multipliers when there are less people.
    4. Lower bets. Try to play when you see the highest bet is R100.Aviator also tends to give higher multipliers when people stake less.
    5. Demo playlive.co.za and the Spribe site has a a demo function. This option is a great way to practice all the above strategies and get familiar with aviator as a game. It is free and you don’t need real money to get familiar with the game.
    6. Glitches. We noticed 2 glitches when playing Aviator. The first glitch is if the plane takes too long to take off, or it pauses before it starts counting.

    Know it’s going to fly away low and under 2x…This is a noticeable glitch when you have played for a while.

    The Second glitch is the stalling of the plane.You will see once the round starts and the counting starts, the plane will lag mid air and the counting stops but it does not fly away. You will notice this while playing. It’s a few seconds where it just stops counting. Know that the plane will fly much higher with a bigger multiplier. So be prepared to cash out a bit later as that lag can call a 10x multiplier.

    1. Colour calling. A few will swear on their lives that this works. Basically, some are convinced that 3 to 5 purples in a row, call a pink multiplier
    • 4 to 5 blues in a row, calls a pink multiplier
    • 3 blues calls a purple multiplier
    • Pink multipliers usually come in pairs or not long after each other


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    Aviator Features

    • Max Win R5 Million
    • Exciting and fun
    • Fast rounds and Auto Cash Out
    • Cash out at anytime
    • Bet from as little as R1
    • Author : The Gambler

    Aviator Basics

    • Game Type : Virtual Game
    • Software : Spribe

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