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How to Play Deal or No Deal on Betway

Fans of the hit TV show, Deal or No Deal will be pleased to know that the online version from Evolution Gaming follows a similar format – and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat! There are a few key differences though, so we’re going to take you through how the game works on Betway and all will be revealed. We promise that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked!
So don’t go anywhere because we’re about to tell you how to play Deal or No Deal on Betway, plus share our best tips and strategies for how to win this game when playing online in South Africa. But if you aren’t already a lucky Betway account holder, before going any further, sign up here and get your first R2000 on the house!

How does Deal or No Deal work on Betway?

If you’re wondering how to play Deal or No Deal at home, you’ve come to the right place. How it works is that players must predict whether the amount of money hidden in the 16 briefcases will be higher than the banker’s offer each time one is made. You’ll be trying to get the most money possible, and have to either accept or reject the banker’s offer depending on what you predict will be the best outcome.

When playing the Deal or No Deal online game for real money, there are three distinct phases before you enter the live studio. The first two phases are the Qualifying Round and Prize Top Up Round, which occur on an RNG-powered wheel, while the final Gameshow Round takes place in a live studio which will look familiar if you’ve ever seen the game show on TV.

Phase 1 – Qualification Round

Every online game of Deal or No Deal starts with the Qualification Round. The aim is to spin the wheel and line up three gold segments to unlock the bank vault and qualify for the next round. Players must select which mode to spin the wheel on – normal, easy, or very easy. The easier the setting, the more each losing spin costs, but the better your chances of success. When three gold segments line up on the wheel to unlock the vault, the Qualification Round is over and it’s time for Phase 2!

Phase 2 – Prize Top-Up Round

The next phase is optional and allows you to top up your potential prize money by increasing the amount of cash in each suitcase by 5x to 50x your bet. To participate, choose your top-up amount and spin the wheel to get a random multiplier. The more money you bet, the bigger the multipliers get! The Prize Top-Up Round requires a minimum bet of R1, and you can top up as many times as you like. But remember, you don’t have to play this round if you’re happy with smaller prizes – the choice is all yours!

Phase 3 – Gameshow Round

Phase 3 is the Game Show Round you’ve been waiting for! You’ll be transported to a live Evolution studio where 16 numbered briefcases containing hidden numbers will be sitting in front of you. Your aim is to find the suitcase with the biggest cash prize in it. Each time more cases are opened, the banker will make you an offer. You’ll need to decide whether to continue opening cases or take the money and end the game.

Here’s how the main game of Deal or No Deal works on Betway:

  1. Feel the excitement as the first three briefcases are opened, each brimming with potential riches! The banker is quick on his feet to pitch a tempting offer your way. It’s time to decide: “Deal” or “No Deal”? Make your choice – click “Deal” to take the cash, or dare to gamble and move on to the next round!
  2. Hold your breath as your charming hostess reveals the contents of four more briefcases. A fresh bid from the banker lands on your table – it could be a step up or down from the initial bid, based on which cases are now out of play. Are you tempted by the offer? Click “Deal” to take the money and run. Or choose “No Deal” and hope that fortune favours the brave!
  3. Prepare for another rollercoaster ride as four more briefcases are popped open in front of you. Your third banker’s offer arrives, which could be good or bad, depending on which briefcases remain intact. If you think it’s a good offer and the time has come to call it quits, click “Deal”. Are you itching for bigger bucks? Then select the “No Deal” button and roll the dice again!
  4. Your heart pounds as three more briefcases spill out their guts. The banker’s fourth proposal comes in. As always, the amount he’s willing to offer will depend on the remaining jackpot prizes. This is your final opportunity to grab the deal and the stakes have never been higher! 
  5. Just two briefcases remain unopened – one sitting in front of your host. If you choose “Deal” and accept the banker’s pitch, the cash is yours, and you’re on your way home. But if you decide to try your luck with a briefcase instead, you’ll have two options: Hit “No Deal” and claim the prize in your chosen case, or select “Switch Briefcases” to gamble on the host’s mysterious case. 
  6. Ready for more? Once the thrill subsides, you can return to the Qualification Round to play again. The banker’s waiting!

Deal or No Deal odds and payouts

Deal or No Deal Live has a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 95.42%, meaning it pays out slightly less on average than a typical slot game. Deal or No Deal is a game where you generally need to bet a lot to win big unless you get extremely lucky. Players have the option to top up their prizes by up to 50x, which is worthwhile if you can afford it. Always remember that payouts are guaranteed if you accept the Banker’s offer, so consider them carefully before continuing.

How much can I win playing Deal or No Deal on Betway

The maximum payout for Deal or No Deal is R2 million, with punters able to win up to 500x their bet by going all the way to the end of the game!

How to win Deal or No Deal on Betway

There are many Deal or No Deal strategies you can use to win on Betway. While none of these guarantee results, these tips can help you decide what to do and how much to bet when playing online in South Africa.

  • Bet as much money as you can in the Prize Top-Up Round in the hopes of getting a big multiplier and boosting the cash amounts in your briefcases.  
  • The only guaranteed payout is the banker’s offer. So think carefully before selecting “No Deal” because there is always a chance you might lose it all and walk away empty-handed.
  • Don’t be too greedy. If, for example, the banker’s offer is double what you’ve bet on the game, then consider taking the deal very seriously.

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How to play Deal or No Deal on Hollywoodbets

So now that you’ve got this game down on Betway, why not also brush up on your skills on Hollywoodbets? Read this article for more juicy information including a Deal or No Deal FAQ where you’ll get answers to all your burning questions related to this popular online game.

First Person Deal or No Deal

In terms of game rules and proceedings, First Person Deal or No Deal is similar to the live version of this online game in South Africa. However, the First Person format has digitally-rendered surroundings and no in-person presenters. Where the live version of Deal or No Deal is highly interactive, the First Person game is slightly subdued and will appeal more to fans of RNG-powered games. First Person Deal or No Deal also offers a fast or normal game speed option, allowing you to play at your own pace.

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