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Understanding Casino Games Return to Player Percentages (RTP)

Many slots, Spina Zonke games, and live casino games players in South Africa will have heard of the term RTP. The term ‘RTP’, ‘return to player percentage’, ‘house edge and the phrase ‘the house always wins’ are very popular in the gambling arena. These terms are very important to every casino player as they tell a crystal-clear story on what to expect when playing a certain game to all those who pay attention. In this article, we are going to explain what the RTP term means, and the important story they tell to players with regards to winnings.

What is RTP (Return to Player Percentage) 

RTP in full return to player percentage simply refers to the percentage (amount) that players can expect to win when playing a certain game over a long period of time. Its very important to bear in mind that when talking about RTP, we are talking about something that occurs over a long period of time. If you want to spin the reels of a slot just a couple or a few times, then RTP is not something that you can worry about as your gaming session will be over a short term.

To better understand what RTP is, we are going to make use of an example. When playing a game such as Hot Hot Fruit slot machine, it comes with an RTP of 96.74%. What this percentage mean is that when you play the game over a long period of time with a R100 bankroll, you can expect to win R96.74.

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Betway Hot Hot Fruit Basics

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Slots in general are the casino games that relies predominantly on return to player percentages. Some casino games especially table and card games do not make use of return to player percentages. Rather, to highlight the amount (percentage) that players can win over a long period of time, they make use of the house edge indicator. The house edge indicator is similar to the RTP but only differs in that it’s the percentage the house stands to benefit that is stated rather than the percentage the player stands to win.

Taking for instance the Lightning Roulette, it comes with a 2.9% house edge. What this therefore means is that when playing Lightning Roulette over a period of time, players get to lose R2.9 for each R100 they bet. If we flip the house edge into RTP, it means Lightning Roulette comes with a 97.1% RTP. This therefore means the player gets to win R97.1 for each R100 bet placed over a long period of time.

RTP Juxtaposition Game Volatility 

RTP determines what the player stands to win/lose over a long period of gaming. When we flip this and talk about a short period of gaming, RTP no longer applies. It is at this juncture that volatility comes into play. Volatility when it comes to casino games stresses the predictability or unpredictability of a game in relation to RTP. A low volatile game is generally classified as predictable hence there is a high likelihood that the player will reap rewards as according to the stipulated RTP percentage. High volatile games on the other hand are unpredictable.

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This, therefore, means from a single spin, the player can scoop a massive jackpot prize while at other times, the player can go for many spins without winning anything. Players who are after high risk high reward games will find volatile games to be most appealing while those who like to win/lose according to the laid out RTP percentages will have to settle for low volatile games.

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