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    New Hollywoodbets Crash Games | Plinko X, Cricket X, Balloon, JetX 3 & Football X

    Aviator is the crash game everyone loves in South Africa, but did you know there are plenty more where that came from on Hollywoodbets? The one that most closely resembles Aviator is the popular JetX game but its developers SmartSoft Gaming have a whole new exciting range of crash games to choose from based on the same Cash Out concept.
    Whether it’s the theme of flying, football, or cricket, the aim in these games is always to Cash Out and get your winnings in time! With crash games to suit every mood and occasion, we’ve reviewed these new titles from SmartSoft now available on Hollywoodbets in South Africa.

    Plinko X

    Plinko is an old carnival game which involves a ball being dropped down a maze and bouncing off pegs on its way down. The ball’s path is determined by how it rebounds off the pegs before eventually landing in one of the slots at the bottom of the board. Each slot is labelled with a bet multiplier of 0.2x all the way up to 1000x. The player will win their stake multiplied by the number displayed where the ball lands.

    Before each round, bonus balls (1x, 5x or 10x) are dropped randomly (not every time), increasing the size of the multipliers at the bottom and increasing your potential payout. When you’re ready, drop the ball and once it lands on a multiplier, your winnings are paid and the game is over.

    Cricket X

    This crash game is inspired by the popular sport of cricket, featuring cartoon-style graphics and realistic sound effects to amplify the excitement. The action starts on a cricket field where a ball is bowled to a batsman who hits it out of the stadium and hurtling into space. Depending on your luck, the ball might burst immediately or only after several seconds in the air. Like with all crash games, your job is to guess the exact moment when that will happen and cash out in time to win your bet!

    Players can use the Auto Cash Out feature to automatically take a payout on a certain multiplier. Placing two bets at once is also possible in Cricket X, allowing you to make one low-number prediction as a safety net while placing another bet on a higher multiplier to earn a potentially bigger win.


    Upon launching the game, you’ll see a big yellow balloon at the centre of your screen which is attached to an air pump. The game only starts when you click and hold a purple button causing the balloon to inflate with air. As the balloon expands, your bet multiplier will slowly increase from 1.01x upwards to a maximum of 100x. You must try to release the button and collect your bet multiplier before the balloon bursts, which signals the end of the game.

    The main difference between Balloon and many other crash games is that you decide when the game starts. There are no other players to worry about and time constraints between rounds. When you’re ready, simply click to start inflating the balloon and let go whenever you want to Cash Out. The manual nature of this game means there’s no option to implement Autoplay or Auto Cash Out.

    JetX 3

    The sequel to the popular JetX game, JetX 3 looks and feels a lot like the original version except there are some major differences in terms of gameplay. Like before, each round starts with your jet leaving the runway and climbing in the sky as the multiplier keeps growing bigger. Your jet can explode at any moment, so cashing out before that happens is the aim of the game.

    However, here’s where the game gets more interesting. Instead of a single jet, JetX 3 has three jets, giving players more chances for success. When the first jet explodes, the multiplier will be reduced by one-third. Half the multiplier will disappear when the second jet crashes. And finally, your full stake will be lost when all three jets have exploded. Each jet has its own range of betting options available with various minimum and maximum bet sizes. If preferable, you can also set the Auto Cash Out function on any bet multiplier using the appropriate betting controls.

    Football X

    Do flying planes and blowing up balloons not appeal to you? Maybe the classic game of keepie-uppie or kick-ups will! If you have no clue what I’m on about, this is a game you might’ve played at soccer practice or school where you “juggle” a soccer ball using your feet, head, knees and chest, etc. without allowing it to touch the ground. In this soccer-themed crash game, you won’t need to keep the ball up yourself but will rely on your selected football player to do so. While the ball stays in the air, your bet multiplier grows bigger, but the moment it touches the ground, you lose. You must Cash Out while the ball is in the air to win your bet!

    To start the game, you’ll select one of five football players of different nationalities. As you toggle through them, each one says hello in their home language. After selecting your player, use the arrow keys to adjust your bet size and then hit the play button to start kicking the ball. Hit the “Collect” button at any time to receive your stake multiplied by the number on the screen. But if you wait too long, it’s gone. This game includes realistic sound effects that mimic a live football stadium and an Auto Collect option for easier execution of your preferred betting strategy.

    Try the new crash games on Hollywoodbets

    If crash games are your thing then it’s definitely worth checking out the new games. You can also read our Hollywoodbets review for more on what they have to offer, and why they are one of the best casino sites in South Africa. If slots is more your thing then check out our Spina Zonke games guide! Catch you on Hollywoodbets!

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