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    How to Cash Out on Betway (Cash Out Betting Feature)

    The Betway cash out feature is a powerful tool for punters to take advantage of when it comes to betting on sports. Cash out lets you get your money back on a bet before the event or match you’ve bet on is over. Depending on the match situation and how your bet is performing, your cash out amount can be higher or lower than your stake. For example you place a R10 bet on 3 teams to win, the first 2 teams win but you’ve no longer confident in the last team, so you cash out your bet for a small profit.

    You can also use cash out to get a portion of your stake back if the bet is losing, for example you bet R10 on Team A to win, but they go 1-0 down in the first few minutes of the match, you can still cash out your R10 bet for a loss (ie R2). It’s such a useful feature that we thought we would explain how to use cash out on Betway, and what to do if cash out is unavailable.

    How to use cash out on Betway

    It’s fairly simple to use cash out on Betway, but you must firstly be aware that not all bets have the cash out option. Only markets marked with the CO logo are available for cash out, fortunately this does include most of the major soccer betting markets like match result, both teams to score, over and unders etc. Any market with the green CO similar to the image below are avaialble for cash out as single bets or multi bets / accumulators.

    To use the cash out feature on your Betway bets you’ll need to have placed a bet that qualifies for cash out. Once the bets are placed they will immediately be available for cash out. Here’s a step by step guide to cashing out on Betway;

    • To cash out a bet at anytime login to your Betway account and click on menu and then My Bets
    • The My Bets section click on Open Bets, which will show you bets that are available for cash out and what the cash out offer is
    • To cash a bet out simply click on the Cash Out button, you will be asked to confirm your Cash Out
    • Once confirmed you will receive a success message saying your bet has been cashed out, and the funds will be in your balance
    • You can view your cashed out bets under settled bets > cash out

    Betway Cash Out Unavailable

    If the Betway Cash Out is not working or unavailable then you risk having to wait until the cash out option becomes available, potentially losing your bet in the process. Fortunately there are options for you to manually trade or cash the bet out yourself. These only work when there is one leg left in your bet, and it is the last leg. So it might not be applicable to all bets, as it involves betting on the opposite of the bet you have waiting in your cash out.

    For example you bet R10 on over 2.5 goals in 3 soccer matches, that returns R30, and the first 2 teams have already won, leaving you with the last bet needing over 2.5 goals. If cash out is unavailable you can place a bet on the third match on under 2.5 goals that would equal the R30 winnings, guarantying you a payout regardless of what happens. As mentioned this does not always work as you need a cash balance but it is a good way to try get some of your money back should cash not be working.

    More on Betway

    Using the Betway Cash Out Feature to cancel a bet

    Betway generally won’t let punters cancel bets so it can be frustrating if you’ve placed a bet by accident and they won’t assist you in cancelling it. If the markets in your bet have cash out available then you can cancel the bet yourself by cashing it out before the matches have even started. You will lose 10% of your stake when cashing out this way, but it’s better than having a losing bet or being stuck with a bet that you don’t want!

    We hope you found our Gambler’s Guide to Betway Cash Out useful, you can find out more about Betway in our comprehensive Betway Review, or check out some of our other betting guides and tips.


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