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    How to Make FNB eWallet Withdrawals From Betway and Hollywoodbets

    Here’s a fact: Cardless ATM withdrawals are the most popular way for punters to retrieve their online betting winnings in South Africa. FNB eWallet withdrawals are free, plus you don’t need to have a bank account to use them. So how do I get my winnings? Simply request a withdrawal from your betting account and then go to an FNB ATM with your PIN to collect your cash! Keep reading for the easy steps required to make an FNB eWallet withdrawal from your Betway or Hollywoodbets account. 

    How to make an FNB eWallet withdrawal

    The necessary procedures for making an FNB eWallet withdrawal are fairly similar across all online bookmakers in South Africa. The basic steps required are for you to log in to your betting account before going to “My Account” and selecting the FNB eWallet withdrawal option to proceed.

    Betway FNB eWallet withdrawal

    Betway was the first online betting site in South Africa to offer FNB eWallet withdrawals to their customers. What’s more, it’s become the preferred payment method for punters looking to claim their winnings!

    Follow these easy steps to complete your Betway FNB eWallet withdrawal:

    1. Visit Betway and log in.
    2. Select the menu at the top left of your screen.
    3. Click on “Withdraw Funds”.
    4. Choose FNB eWallet.
    5. Enter your mobile number and the amount you wish to withdraw.
    6. Select “Withdraw Now”.
    7. Check your details and select “Confirm Withdrawal” to complete your Betway FNB eWallet withdrawal.
    8. You will receive a confirmation SMS. Follow the instructions on the confirmation SMS.
    9. Dial *120*277# and follow the prompts to access your funds. 
    10. Visit any FNB ATM and enter your PIN to withdraw your winnings.

    Hollywoodbets FNB eWallet withdrawal

    Hollywoodbets also offers the option for customers to withdraw their winnings via FNB eWallet.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Visit Hollywoodbets and log in.
    2. Click on the “Account” button
    3. Select “Withdraw”.
    4. Select “Cash Send” as your withdrawal method.
    5. 5 Select eWallet.
    6. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the box provided.
    7. Enter your cell number in the box provided. Must be the same cellphone number registered on your Hollywoodbets account.
    8. Check the box to acknowledge you have read the terms and conditions.
    9. Click “Submit” to request your FNB eWallet withdrawal from Hollywoodbets.
    10. You will receive a notification from FNB regarding your withdrawal.
    11. Dial *120*277# to get your FNB eWallet PIN. Please note that you are required to airtime to complete this request.
    12. Go to any FNB ATM and enter your PIN to collect your winnings.

    FNB eWallet maximum amount

    • Betway: The minimum FNB eWallet withdrawal is R300 and the maximum amount is R3000 per day (maximum R25 000 per month). 
    • Hollywoodbets: The minimum you can withdraw via FNB eWallet is R100 and the maximum is R3000 per day (maximum R25 000 per month).

    Which other online betting sites in South Africa offer FNB eWallet?

    FNB eWallet withdrawals are quick and reliable on both Betway and Hollywoodbets, but these are not the only bookmakers in South Africa which offer customers this convenient way to get their winnings. Check out our Hollywoodbets Review, and our Betway Review for more information on what they have to offer.

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