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    How to play Cash or Crash from Evolution

    Cash or Crash is a brand new exciting lucky draw streak game by Evolution. It’s just launched and is available on Betway, Gbets, Purebet and Hollywoodbets, and will hopefully be coming to more SA bookies soon, we’re going to take a quick look at the game, explaining how to play Cash or Crash, as well as some general strategies that might help you win.

    To start playing the game, you will need to place your bet by selecting an amount and placing it on the bet area. The ladder will show you the potential winnings of each possible result based on the amount of your bet.

    Then, the ball machine will draw balls one-by-one. A Green ball moves you up the ladder, and a red ball means it is the end of the game. There is also a Gold ball which, when drawn, increases the prize multiplier, moves you up the ladder and grants you another chance to play, even after a red ball has been drawn.

    The beauty of this game is that you can exit the game at any time by cashing out all of your winnings. You can also cash out half of your winnings and wager your other half, or not cash out at all and try and boom by going all the way and trying your luck until the end. The more you bet at the beginning of the round, the more you can boom. The potential winnings are shown on the prize ladder so keep an eye on that, but don’t get too carried away immediately. You need some balls to play this game;

    Green Ball

    There are 19 green balls in total that can be drawn and when a green ball is drawn, the punter’s prize ladder will move up a step closer to the maximum prize. 

    Red Ball

    There are 8 red balls that can be drawn. If a red ball is drawn, the game will end, and the punter will exit or “Crash” out of the game. There is however, one possible scenario where if a red ball is drawn, the punter will have another chance to play in the same game which we will explain next.

    Gold Ball

    The golden ball is the crème de la crème of balls. If the golden ball is drawn, the punter will move up the ladder, increase the prize multiplier and it grants you another chance to play, after a red ball has been drawn. Once a golden ball is drawn the Cash or Crash game will go into a rapid-fire instance where green balls are drawn rapidly until a red ball appears which then breaks the golden ball instance and the game returns to normal. All of the pay-out multipliers will increase once the next ball is drawn.

    Cash or Crash Gameplay selections


    When you press ‘Continue’, you as the punter, will stay in the game and continue to play with all of your potential winnings.

    Take Half

    Another selection that you as the punter can make is to select ‘Take Half’ which means that you will cash out half of your winnings and continue to play the game with the other half of the winnings.

    Take All

    The last selection possible is to press ‘Take All’ which means that you want to cash out 100% of your winnings and walk away. You will not be eligible to continue playing the game for that current round but can jump in again once the round has finished.

    Cash or Crash Live game tips and strategies

    The percentage statistics are displayed in the game and we recommend that you use these percentages as part of your strategy when playing Cash or Crash Live. These percentages are displayed above the air balloons on either side of the prize ladder. 

    The air balloon on the left shows the statistical probability that the green ball will be drawn next. There is also an arrow pointing up to indicate that the air balloon will go up if the green ball is drawn, which also indicates which way you will be heading up the prize ladder.   

    The air balloon, on the right of the prize ladder, indicates the statistical probability that a red ball will be drawn in the next round. There is also an arrow pointing down to indicate that the air balloon will go down or “Crash” if the red ball is drawn.

    Low risk strategy

    There are a fair amount of punters that follow the conservative approach where if the “GREEN” air balloon indicates a 60% or less chance of being drawn and the “RED” air balloon indicates a 40% or more chance to be drawn, then the punter will “TAKE ALL”. In this strategy the returns are low but mostly guaranteed. This strategy involves a lot of patience, discipline and it is also not the most exciting, but many have had a fair bit of success.

    Low risk halving strategy

    This strategy involves the same principle as the low risk strategy as discussed above however, instead of cashing all out, the punter would select the “TAKE HALF” option. This means that the punter would take the 50% of his winnings and continue to play with the other 50% of the winnings. This process is then continued until the jackpot has been reached or a red ball has been drawn.

    This is a lot more exciting than the previous strategy but has a small amount of risk attached to it as you are essentially putting 50% of your winnings up for more gameplay. The returns are halved each time, but you do stand a chance to go the maximum without losing too much of your original wager.

    Medium risk strategy

    This strategy entails that you continue to play when the green air balloon is showing a 50% or more chance that a green ball will be drawn. In the event the statistics show a 50% or higher chance that a red ball will be drawn, then the punter is advised to cash out instead.

    Medium risk halving strategy

    For the medium risk taker, there is one addition that can be added to the previously mentioned strategy and that is to “TAKE HALF” instead of cashing all out. 

    The additional halving step is for those punters that only want to gamble with half of their winnings treading into the High Risk, High Reward territory. You are more likely to walk away with one of the top prizes and as an added benefit, have some fun chasing the big booms.

    High Risk Strategy

    If you are chasing the top prizes and big wins then this high risk strategy is for you.  This strategy requires you to place a bet at the start of the round and continue to play until you have either “CRASHED” or have won the big prize. The Gambler’s recommendation here is to keep the bet amounts small.

    High Risk Halving Strategy

    If you have adopted the high risk strategy outlined above but want to secure some of your winnings we recommend you cash out at level 10 with “TAKE HALF” and continue to play all-in with the other half of your winnings. We recommend this to be the best high risk strategy to get to level 20 and we have seen some punters adopt variations to this and have succeeded with some decent retunes.   

    Variations of this include halving at level 10 and continue to halve until level 20 is reached. The returns are smaller and less risky than going all-in until the end.

    We do warn you though, that it can be very frustrating to reach level 20 knowing that you have halved and constantly remind yourself with the phrase “What if I didn’t Halve”? Punters then often chase the all-in approach until level 20 which can be very risky.

    The Gamblers Verdict on Cash or Crash

    We recommend that beginners start off with the low risk without the halving element in order to get to know the game and start observing the percentages.

    For the intermediate punter that is fairly familiar with the game, we recommend the medium halving strategy. This is a well-balanced strategy with some elements to push the boundaries in order to get those higher returns without risky all of the winnings.

    Here at The Gambler, we recommend the added touch of halving at level 10 to the high risk strategy for all our high rollers. It is still very exciting, and prizes are still considered a boom when reaching full scale, but it does limit the risk of losing everything frequently when adding the halving element to your game after level 10.

    Cash or Crash

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    Cash or Crash Features

    • You control when you want to cash out
    • Simple to understand and play
    • Win up to 50,000x your stake

    Cash or Crash Basics

    • Game Type : Gameshow
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

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