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    Soccer 13 Tips and Predictions

    Many Soccer 13 tips are based on historical games, stats, form, league position and various other factors. Using recent form and team news to predict the outcome and the scores of all Soccer 13 fixtures is one of the best ways to approach Soccer 13. In this guide we are going to run through some of the best tips that you can use when making your own Soccer 13 predictions for any given card.

    Soccer 13 Tips for making your Predictions

    One of the best methods to use is to have a look at historical match data. On sites like flashscore and even some betting sites you can access data going back many matches and seasons, showing how different teams perform when playing in certain ways, for both home and away fixtures. Other data to look at when planning your bets are teams league position, home and away form, current season performance and points, injuries, team sheet and previous head 2 head performance of the teams. We recommend you use all this data to make your prediction on each Soccer 13 fixture.

    Another tip is to compare the fixtures on a Soccer 13 card to ones offered by betting sites. Betting sites like Betway and Hollywoodbets will publish odds on most of the fixtures, so you know what the chance of the team winning is. You’ll want to make selections that have low odds, as the lower the odds the better chance that team has of winning. Another important tip is to look for the occasion upset. If the Soccer 13 card looks very easy then you might want to take a win / draw for a match instead of a straight win. If there is an upset then the payout will be much higher as most punters will likely have backed the favourites.

    There are also various Soccer 13 tips and predictions on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on various sports tips and prediction sites. We recommend you have a look around what ever social media you are on and follow punters who do well. However it is recommended that you use their Soccer 13 tips as a guide or base for your own tips, or to compare your Soccer 13 predictions to theirs.

    Finding the latest Soccer 13 Fixtures

    As soon as the fixtures for Soccer 13 become available on the TAB website you’ll be able to access them. Fixtures aren’t released everyday like Soccer 6, instead there are typically Soccer 13 fixtures released on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. All of these can be viewed on the TAB site, where you can open a free account and even place your Soccer 13 bets if you are so inclined.

    Saturday Soccer 13 Payouts

    • Average Pool R20 Million
    • Average Pay Out R2 Million
    • If only 1 ticket has all 13 correct – guaranteed R10-million pay out
    • All 13 correct = 40% of pool
      Average payout R1.98 million
    • Any 12 correct = 15% of pool
      Average payout R9,000
    • Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
      Average payout R485
    • Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
      Average payout R110

    NOTE: Other 8% of pool goes to guarantee R10 million pay out in event of only one winner.

    Sunday and Weekday Soccer 13 Payouts

    • All 13 correct = 39% of pool
      Average payout R507,311
    • Any 12 correct = 22% of pool
      Average payout R9,621
    • Any 11 correct = 12% of pool
      Average payout R317
    • Any 10 correct = 25% of pool
      Average payout R74

    NOTE: Other 2% of pool goes to Jackpot fund.

    Soccer 13 Closing Times

    All Soccer 13 pools will close in South Africa 120 minutes before the official closing time. This is because all Soccer 13 bets in South Africa are collated into a single batch by TAB and sent to Svenska Spel to be commingled into the host pool. Should TAB be unable to deliver the batch to Svenska Spel because of a communications breakdown or any other reason, all bets will be declared null and void and refunded.

    What if a Soccer 13 Match is Cancelled?

    As with other TAB Soccer bets If a match or matches, as advertised, is not completed by 9am on the day after the last day on which matches in the pool were scheduled, shall be deemed abandoned and all choices shall qualify. The times at which matches are completed will be as supplied by the Operator’s official source, notwithstanding the Operator’s decision in terms of when a match has not been completed shall be final and binding. The Operator reserves the right to extend the time for a match to be completed provided this does not unduly hamper the declaration of results and dividends.

    How to play Soccer 13

    There are 13 soccer matches scheduled per draw in soccer6’s Soccer 13 pool. These matches come from leagues all over the world but are primarily from South Africa (PSL tips), England and the top European leagues. Jackpot pools average R2 million and if no-one catches the jackpot then that will be added to the next draw (until someone wins). If there are multiple winners, the total pool of R20 million will be split equally. A winning pay-out is offered for one missed match, two lost games, three incorrect predictions, and four misses.

    A soccer 13 bet is very similar to soccer 10 and the main differences are the three additional games included in the calculation. The soccer 13 punter will have to predict the correct results from a list of 13 scheduled matches and is mostly played twice weekly (mid-week and weekend). Bets are placed on 13 scheduled soccer matches, with three choices available per game: Home (H), Draw (X) or Away (A). Home represents the home team, Draw represents the draw and A represents the away team.

    For example; If Chelsea is playing Everton in one of the games on the list – the match will be played at the venue of the Home team and the Away team, in this case Chelsea. A predicted draw is indicated by an X. A ticket will cost R1.50 if you choose one option in all 13 games. The unit of bet is 1 point per match, so you will only pay R1.50 for a ticket if you choose one prediction in each game. M1 will denote Match One, M2 match 2 and so forth until the 13th one is reached.

    Sites that offer Soccer 13 Tips and Predictions

    We recommend you check out Best Sports Betting’s Soccer 13 Tips, and those found on Soccer 13 groups on Facebook to help make your Soccer 13 Predictions.

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