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    Mega Ball 100x Strategies for Betway & Hollywoodbets

    One of the most popular casino games in South Africa played by both low rollers and high rollers is the Mega Ball 100x game by Evolution, which is available on Betway and Hollywoodbets. It’s difficult to pinpoint the universal reason why many players favour playing Mega Ball 100x, but it must have something to do with the fun bingo style game play. It’s safe to say that the game’s simplicity together with its interactive nature makes it very appealing.

    While there are many players in South Africa who enjoy playing Mega ball, there are some who may not have come across this game or who may not have tried the game out as yet. For these players, we are going to take time in explaining what Mega Ball 100x on Betway and Hollywoodbets is all about, and how it’s played. After, we will share some tips and strategies to try on Mega Ball during your next session.

    What is Mega Ball 100x and How to Play

    Mega Ball 100x is an innovative game that fuses Bingo and lottery elements into one fun fast game. Similair games are enjoyed both at land-based casinos as well as at online casinos, but Mega Ball 100x is hands down the best option. At online casinos, players will enjoy the game only inside live casino lobbies. Owing to the game’s incorporation of Bingo elements, it’s played in real-time hence the reason players will find it inside live casino lobbies on Hollywoodbets and Betway.

    To start a gaming session playing Mega ball, players first of all need to purchase one or several Mega ball card starting at R1 a card. On this card are scrambled numbers. Once the player/s has purchased the cards, the next step is for the host to start the game and rapidly draw out numbers from the machine one ball at a time. As the host draws the numbers, the player needs to cancel out the picked numbers as quick as he can, which is done automatically.

    When the host reaches the last number, a 5x – 100x multiplier amount is determined by the spin of the machine. This multiplier determines the amount players get to win on the last ball. There is a possibility for the host to draw a second mega ball from the machine and when this happens, more bonuses are offered. At the end, the numbers on the player’s card are compared to the picked balls and marked off just like in bingo. The more lines the player gets be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the bigger the payout he stands to receive.

    Mega Ball Tips and Strategies to Win

    There are a few tips and tricks that you can try in an attempt to improve your Mega Ball winnings. There are unfortunately no guaranteed winning strategies or hacks, but there are few approaches to try;

    Get your bets on quickly 

    Mega Ball is a game that requires you to get your bets on in a limited time, 10 seconds or less. You either need to be quick or, as we recommend, use the auto-play option to place the bets for you. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get your bets down when the timer runs out.

    Structuring the Bankroll 

    Mega Ball 100x is a game that suits both the low rollers and the high rollers. This is necessitated by the fact that the game supports a wide range of betting options. Players can purchase the cards for as little as R1. However, they can also up their bets to several thousand rand a round. When playing Mega Ball, it’s advisable to go for long gaming sessions so that you can maximize on winning streaks and aim to recover funds when you go through losing streaks. As such, structuring your bankroll to go for long gaming spells is of utmost importance.

    Number of Cards

    The more cards you play the better your chance of picking up a win, as you have more numbers in play. It’s best to play a large number of low value cards, than a small number of high value cards. For example you have R1000, it’s better to play 200 cards at R5 a card than it is to play 10 cards at R100 each. Yes your winnings are higher on a higher value card, but you have a better chance of a win by having more cards, even if at a lower value.

    Playing at the right time

    Keep an eye out on the recent multipliers when starting a session. You’ll be able to see what the bonus has been, and the bonus is what is going to help you pick up big wins.

    If there are several bonuses in a row it’s a good time to play, if there hasn’t been anything higher than a 15x in 10 rounds then it’s also a good time to play in hope of an upcoming 20x or more multiplier.

    Try First Person Mega Ball 100x

    First Person Mega Ball 100x is the same game as the live one, just virtual. Which means the rounds are played at your pace and you are able to take your time when placing your bets. You can play start a round at anytime you want, without having to wait for other players.

    First Person Mega Ball is also a great place to quickly try your strategies to see if they work, or gets used to the game without having to wait for a new round to start. We’ve also noticed that the payouts on the first person game have been better to us than the live game.

    Don’t get greedy

    Mega Ball 100x can be a cruel mistress, as always we recommend that should take the money and run, should you pick up a big win. The game can be very temperamental, so on the inverse we recommend taking a break if things aren’t going your way.

    More on Mega Ball 100x

    Mega Ball 100x

    100% Deposit Match up To R2000 Play Now

    Mega Ball 100x Features

    • Live Bingo Style Game Play
    • Betting Starts at R1
    • Buy up to 200 Cards a Round
    • Big Multipliers Offer Bigger Wins

    Mega Ball 100x Basics

    • Game Type : Gameshows
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

    First Person Mega Ball

    100% Deposit Match up To R2000 Play Now

    First Person Mega Ball Features

    • Bonus Round Up To 100x
    • Bingo Style Game
    • Play At Your Own Pace

    First Person Mega Ball Basics

    • Game Type : Lucky Numbers, Virtual Game
    • Software : Evolution Gaming

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