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    Betting on Hot and Cold Lotto Numbers

    Since time immemorial, millions of people from South Africa and all corners of the world have played various lotto games. It’s really difficult to pinpoint the exact reason behind the massive popularity of lotto games globally but there are three reasons which rank high above all others. These three are as follows: 

    1. Simplicity: Amongst all of the casino games that players can choose to play, there is only one particular type of game that is pretty easy and simple to understand and play. The game we are talking about here is the lottery. Lottery is just a game of chance where players get to predict certain numbers that they think will be drawn during the game draw. When it comes to picking numbers, some rely solely on luck while others employ all sorts of lotto superstitions to come up with probable winning numbers. Thanks to this particular aspect of lotto games, lotteries have really endeared themselves with loads of players from all over the world. 
    2. Affordability: When it comes to real money games, lotto games rank as the most affordable of all games. Players looking to play lotto games in countries such as the Sa Lotto, US and the UK49 can bet for as little as R1 respectively for a single ticket/entry. Likewise, in all other countries, the price of purchasing the lotto tickets or playing lucky numbers is very low –  Putting this into perspective, lotto players in South Africa pay in general R5.00 per board on the National Lotto, and R1 on lucky numbers betting sites.
    3. Potential to Win Big: Perhaps the most popular of all reasons is that lotto games afford players the opportunity to win massive jackpot prizes in an instant. Often, when the jackpot is hit, players will be looking to rack up millions! Additionally Lucky Numbers betting lets you bet on single numbers or numbers of your choice, instead of the entire draw.

    The above reasons have for so lured players to lotto games and the trend is still going on to this day. Players looking to try their luck playing lotto games ought to note that in addition to lady luck, there are other tips and strategies they can use to increase their luck of winning. One such strategy entails betting on hot/cold numbers.

    Hot and Cold Lotto Numbers

    When talking about hot numbers, we are referring to numbers that are frequently drawn during a lotto draw. Owing to the frequency with which they are drawn, some players will be more inclined to bet for them in the hope that the trend continues. Cold numbers on the other hand are numbers which are not drawn on a frequent basis during a lotto draw. Some players shun such numbers on the basis that they aren’t lucky numbers while others pick them from time to time as they are convinced that they cannot go for long without at times being picked during lotto draws.

    Having explained what cold and hot numbers are, lets now get to explore the hot and cold numbers for most lotto draws in the following regions: the US, the UK, EU and South Africa.

    The US Powerball

    • Hot: 32, 26, 41, 23 and 22. The hot Powerball is 24
    • Cold: 67, 68, 66, 60 and 65 

    The UK 49’s Lotto 

    • Hot: 19, 39, 26, 28, 37 and 35 
    • Cold: 29, 27, 66, 48, 15 and 21 

    EU EuroMillions 

    • Hot: 21, 19 and 47
    • Cold:48, 37 and 32

    South African Lotto 

    • Hot: 12, 38, 35, 49 and 3
    • Cold: 4, 9, 14, 21 and 27

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    Betting on Hot and Cold Numbers

    Perhaps your strategy is to bet on cold numbers as they must surely make an appear soon. Or maybe you like to back the hot trendy numbers that come up often. Either way with Lucky Numbers betting you can bet on a certain number to appear, or even a set of numbers. One of the most popular lotto betting strategies is to bet on a single hot ball for an upcoming draw. Whatever your betting strategy is there are more than enough lucky numbers betting sites to choose from in South Africa, including Hollywoodbets and Betway.

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