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    What is Twain Sport T-Basket? A New Virtual Betting Game

    Betgames has partnered with Hybrid Sports League to launch Twain Sport, a new live sports game available on Hollywoodbets and Betway. Twain Sport aims to redefine live entertainment and sports betting by offering a new, innovative concept that bridges the gap between live sports, virtual sports, and esports. The first game to be released under the Twain Sport brand is T-Basket. Betgames is known for offering fast-paced, low-cost betting entertainment, and Twain Sport follows in this tradition.

    Where to play Twain Sports T-Basket

    To place a bet on Twain Sport with Hollywoodbets or Betway:

    1. Register for a new Hollywoodbets account or a Betway account and log in to your existing account.
    2. If needed, make a deposit. Note that you can only play Twain Sport with real funds at the moment.
    3. Select the betting category and then choose the outcome of the game.
    4. Enter your stake and place your bet using the “Place Bet” button.

    You can place single bets or multi bets, which are two different bets that must both be won in order to receive a payout.

    Twain Sport T-Basket

    T-Basket is a live-streamed basketball game featuring two professional players positioned in two half-courts side by side. The game begins with 4 buckets of balls and a basket. The players must move to the ball rack that lights up and attempt to score through the hoop from that position. The sequence is the same for both players. The computer determines the number of points awarded for each successful shot, which can be 1, 2, or 3 points. Neither player knows the value of each shot or the current score during the game. If both players score the same number of points, the winner is determined based on shooting accuracy and overall ranking.

    T-Basket Betting Options

    • Match winner: choosing which player will win
    • Handicaps
    • Total points scored in the game
    • Even/odd total points
    • Total points scored by a specific player
    • First scored value (1, 2, or 3)
    • Total of generated values for the first 3 or 5 shots

    T-basket features a new match every 3 minutes. Additionally, there are tournaments with 8 players that last for 1 hour. Over the course of a day, there are 14 tournaments in total.

    The 8 players are divided into 2 groups (A and B). After the group games, the top 2 players from each group advance to the playoffs. The group winner from group A will play against the runner-up from group B, and the group winner from group B will play against the runner-up from group A. The winners of these semi-final matches will then compete in a single game final to determine the tournament winner. In total, each tournament has 15 matches.

    T-Basket results and stats

    Twain Sport provides statistics about each player to help you make informed betting decisions. These statistics include the number of games played, the winning percentage, and shot accuracy. Additionally, there is a separate tab that provides a full overview of the players participating in T-Basket. You can also view the results of past games on the “Past Tournaments” page.

    Why you should try Twain Sport T-Basket

    There are a few reasons why you might want to try playing Twain Sport T-Basket. First, the game offers an innovative and exciting way to experience live sports and esports. Second, it provides players with access to valuable statistics about each player, which can help them make informed betting decisions. Third, the game is easy to learn and offers a fast-paced, low-cost betting experience. Finally, the game is available on Hollywoodbets and Betway, so you can play from the comfort of your own home.


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